Impregnate natural stone tiles to reduce pollution

When impregnating natural stone tiles, a kind of partial sealing is carried out. The porous stone surfaces are not closed. The impregnating agent penetrates into the pores and maintains the ability to diffuse. This reduces the penetration of dirt and liquid by beading. The sensitivity of the natural stone does not change.

Basic function and distribution type

The crucial difference between the impregnation of natural stone and a seal lies in the distribution on the stone. Seals are similar to a paint finish. A closed layer covers the stone surface. The pores have no contact and no opportunity to exchange with the ambient air anymore.

When treated with impregnating agents, the protective substances penetrate into the pores. They partially fill them and form a protective layer on the insides in some, but not all, of the pore channels. In principle, the natural stone remains open and breathable. Impregnation helps to slow down the absorption of dirt, so that cleaning measures over a longer period of time remain promising.

Additional physical lotus and nano effect

Impregnants develop an effect known from lotus and lily pads. Liquids and especially water tend to drip because they have their own surface tension. If they are less subject to frictional resistance on the surface where they have hit, the intrinsic stress of the drops exceeds the "destructive force" of the impact.

Physically the almost same effect is the nano-effect. Both describe an increased repulsion of liquids on surfaces. As secondary factor we reduce the distribution and transport of other dirt particles. The particles are increasingly "sticking" to undamaged drops.

Properties of special impregnations

  • Lotus and nano effect
  • Protection function between one to five years
  • Extension of cleaning cycles
  • Extending the reaction time to acute pollution
  • Easier mechanical care due to less particle buildup

Impregnated natural stone also allows the formation of a natural patina, which arises in natural stone over the years. Unevenness in the surface alteration, such as running paths, is reduced by impregnation.

Tips & Tricks

There are transparent and color enhancing or deepening impregnants. The basic optical properties of natural stone do not influence you. Matte surfaces remain dull, glossy get their shine. Structures and textures can be enhanced with corresponding special products in contrast and effect.

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