Natural stone tiles in the bathroom gently and ideally permanently clean

When cleaning and maintaining natural stone tiles in the bathroom incompatible factors meet. Open-pored and sensitive surfaces do not like acids and alkalis. Calcified water, however, leads to stubborn deposits and stains. Common detergent additives such as surfactants and film-forming substances damage natural stone.

Untreated, impregnated or sealed

In the bathroom, it is especially recommended for all natural stone tiles, on which water splashes constantly, to impregnate them. It is also possible sealing, which makes the surfaces insensitive to limescale cleaning agents. However, a seal takes the tiles their natural air conditioning properties.

All unsealed natural stone types are more or less porous. During cleaning and cleaning, the cleaning agents penetrate into the stone substance. An impregnation reduces the effect, but does not turn it off. Above all, it serves to repel water spray.

Permanent maintenance

Natural stone tiles in the bathroom are best cleaned immediately. Even small behavioral measures produce great effects. It is important to avoid large and concentrated cleaning actions, which are required by deposition and care breaks. The following procedure reduces the medium to long-term dirt formation:

  • Any wetting of surfaces such as in the shower immediately after use with rubber lip, chamois leather and absorbent cloth to eliminate
  • Avoid soiling by personal care products such as toothpaste and soap as on (protective mats, underlays)
  • Hard and very calcareous water with a filter softer regulate
  • Remove lime-containing residues with distilled water, for example from a watering can and rinse

Great basic cleaning

To work up natural stone and remove stains, the following substances and procedures are suitable as methods and concentrated cleaning agents:

  • Distilled water and a root brush
  • Neutral soap and wiping tool such as cloth or mop
  • pH-neutral special cleaner
  • Construction, ground or cement veil cleaner according to the manufacturer
  • Sprinkle with distilled water and polish a chamois leather
  • After cleaning do not forget renewing impregnation

Do not use chemical, limesolvent and acidic cleaning agents. Scouring and film-forming aids are also taboo.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use a steam or high-pressure cleaner for your natural stone tiles. Contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, you can push the dirt deeper into the pores and cause mechanical damage inside the stone.

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