Natural stone tiles give the shower a special chic

The range of natural stone tiles for the shower ranges from elegant slate to Mediterranean travertine. Untreated and impregnated natural stone is more sensitive than ceramic and sealed tiles. With attentive care but the uniqueness and beauty can be enjoyed easily in the shower.

General Fitness

In the shower, when building a house and modernizing it raises the question of whether natural stone can be used as a covering instead of ceramic tiles. In general, ceramics are generally, like sealed natural stone, less sensitive to water, limescale and staining.

Natural stone in the shower is still an option. Only a few types of natural stone, such as limestone and sandstone, can not be preserved through careful maintenance. All hard rocks and most medium-hard rocks can be well preserved with an impregnation and dry wiping after each shower.

Water repellent behavior of natural stone

Of course, natural stone can be sealed in the shower. A coated air- and waterproof layer largely preserves the optics and can also be processed with conventional cleaning agents.

If you want to preserve the natural open-pored condition, its indoor climate effect and the individual feel, you will be well supplied with an impregnation. The support ensures that impinging water and contaminated pollutants take longer to move into the stone. Added to this is the so-called lotus and nano effect, which causes liquids to bead off more strongly on the surface. So get lower amounts of moisture in the stone substance.

Care and cleaning effort

If you want to enjoy natural stone tiles in the shower, you should be aware of a higher care effort. The following care is also given to the surfaces in the shower panel, which is heavily sprayed:

  • It should always be cleaned immediately
  • After the body has dried, the shower is regularly dried
  • Always have cleaning aids such as pullers with rubber lip and absorbent cloth ready
  • Descaling is only possible mechanically, for example by rinsing with distilled water

Tips & Tricks

With natural stone you can also replace a ceramic shower tray or tub. All natural stones even have a lower risk of slipping than ceramic or plastic surfaces. Tumbled stone surfaces are the most slip-resistant.

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