Make natural stones as a faux or slammed yourself

If you want to make natural stone yourself, you can either cast imitations of concrete or cement or prepare natural stone yourself. For example, boulders can be assembled into levels using the appropriate substructure. For the creative hewing of natural rocks, knowledge about fracture behavior and talent for improvisation help.

Kits with molds for imitations

In the first place probably determines the personal taste of whether path or patio slabs are made of natural stone or concrete. Of course, the financial aspect is not insignificant. The cheapest natural stone imitations of concrete cost about a quarter of the cheapest natural stone.

The manufacturers now offer imitation mixtures that look deceptively similar to real natural stone. Together with casting molds made of metal or plastic, almost all known patterns, mosaics and dressings can be made by hand. But there are also ways to make real natural stone yourself.

Sources of supply for in-house production

The alternative to imitations are natural stone types and occurrences, which are often not recognized as such at first sight. Typical sources for the raw material are:

  • Boulders in field, forest and corridor (note ownership in collecting)
  • Masonry from demolished houses
  • Facade remnants of cladding work
  • Fine quarry of quarries and mines
  • Picking up stones on fields and fields of agriculture (often free of charge)

Machining and tools

Of course, the purpose is crucial criterion for the required stone shapes. If just surfaces are needed, a straight side is enough. Relatively even cuboids and plates can hardly be produced in the private household.

To process the raw material natural stone, the following tools should be available:

  • Hammer in different sizes up to the sledgehammer
  • metal wedges
  • Chisels and chisels with sharp, pointed and blunt heads
  • Optional stone saw or cutting or stone cutting machine (loaner)

installation methods

Depending on the existing material, the base can be flexibly adjusted. Natural stone slabs without mortar or in a grit bed do not necessarily have to have a straight underside. When laying the natural stones, coolers and hollows can be formed.

For example, creating a natural stone path is more like setting the coarse-grained raw material.

Tips & Tricks

Inform yourself on advice pages about the fracture properties of natural stones. This helps you to choose the right raw material.

Artikelbild: BowNP / Shutterstock

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