Nelskamp storm claw: Safe stop for roof tiles

Nelskamp storm claw: Safe stop for roof tiles: nelskamp

With this storm claw the roof shingle keeps safe. Source: Nelskamp

Later this year, the Requirements for wind suction protection elevated. The wind suction says how solid a Roof shingles attached to the house roof have to be. Due to ever stronger storms in Germany new storm claws are necessary here.

With the new multi-storm claw Nelskamp has adjusted to it. It is suitable for several tile models and can be mounted quickly and easily.

Lay Storm Claw of Nelskamp

The claw is simply placed on the brick top and bolted to the battens. Screw holes in the bricks, which could impair the function, are eliminated. On the Bottom of the brick turns the claw into a clay groove engaged.

The result is a combined (double) head and foot attachment. This achieves the Multi-storm claw higher pull-out values ​​compared to previous systems and clearly exceeds the specifications of the new technical rules of the German roofing trade.

For which brick suitable?

The "Multi-Storm Claw" is suitable for the flat roof tiles "F 7/18°" "F 10 Ü", "F 12 Ü North and F 12 Ü South", as well as the large brick models "MS 5" and "DS 5",

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