Nest Swing Comparison 2018

Purchase advice on nest swing comparison or test 2018

  • A nest swing is a swing with a basket-like seat. Since this is much larger than in a normal children's swing, several people can sit together on a nest swing.
  • The swinging back and forth on the nest swing is fun and can also train the motor and social skills of children.
  • When buying a nest swing, pay attention to quality and safety. The best nest swings are provided with a mark, for example by TÜV or GS.

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: swing

Hardly anything is as good for the development of children as exercise in the fresh air. At the playground, at home or in the garden, they get in contact with other children and can let off steam at the same time. So the kids can be social like practicing motor skills playfully.

In addition to a sandpit and slide, swings are among the classics among children's play equipment. Especially nest swings bring a lot of fun and allow by their large seat several people together sitting and swinging on the swing.

In our Nestschau comparison 2018 and our purchase advice, we will show you which type of seat is most suitable for which age and what you want Suspend nest swing safely.In addition, you will learn what to look for in addition to the dimensions and the maximum load capacity, if you want to buy a nest swing.

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1. The nest swing - fun with educational added value

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: nest

Swinging is fun and playfully teaches important skills such as balance and teamwork.

The term nest swing (rarely also bird's nest swing) already describes this special category swing quite well: The Seat is similar to a flat nestwhich is attached to a rack via two cables. Thus, it offers a large seating area, in which several children, but also adults, can sit comfortably.

A nest swing can be a very useful toy. On it the children can train important motor skills, z. B. the sense of balance and coordination and even the ability to concentrate.

If several children play together on the swing, social skills can also be trained playfully. Finally, one has to agree on who is shifting his weight so much to get the swing going. That's how the kids can be Practice prosocial behavior and solve conflicts peacefully.

Tip: Due to the large area it is also possible for children and adults to use the swing together. So parents can experience rocking fun together with their children. Especially with small children under 4 years, this can be useful in view of the safety.

2. Nest Swing Types: Closed areas for small children

Net swings differ mainly in the structure of their seats, These can either consist of mesh-like interwoven, flat ribbons or a largely closed surface of robust, partly rubber-coated fabric.

There are reticulated surfaces are not suitable for smaller childrenbecause their arms and legs could get caught in the rough stitches. Children over the age of six can also play on a nest swing with net seat. In a nest swing for the baby you should pay attention to a soft, closed surface.

Nest swing with netted seat

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Seat consists of net-like interwoven ropes
  • not suitable for children under 4 years
  • large loops comfortable for older children from 6 years
Nest swing with closed seat

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: nest

  • Seat made of sturdy fabric without large gaps
  • Fabric surface z. T. gummed - long shelf life
  • Rainwater flows badly from surface

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: 2018

3. Purchase criteria for net swings: You must pay attention to this

3.1. Safety and quality

The safety of toys and play equipment for children is the key consideration when buying. This also applies to nest swings. When using the swing you should definitely observe the following manufacturer's instructions: the recommended minimum age and the recommended height at which the swing should hang. Most nest swings have a recommended minimum age of between three and six years.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the material. So should z. As the edges of a soft and durable plastic such as nylon or PVC, so you can not hurt them. The best nest swing is a model whose safety and quality is confirmed by a GS (Verified Safety) seal or a TÜV seal.

3.2. maximum load

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: nest

In a nest swing with a higher load capacity, adults can relax as well.

The higher the load capacity, the more children can use the swing at the same time. In older children, the carrying capacity must logically be higher. The usual values ​​are between 100 and 150 kg.

Some models can handle up to 200 kg. These are a bit more expensive, but you should consider when purchasing that Models with high load capacity can be used much longer are. As your kids grow older, you can still use the swing carefree.

The correct height of the suspension

The height at which you have to hang your nest swing depends on the size of the children who are to use the swing. Ideal is a height-adjustable nest swingthat grows, so to speak.

A rule of thumb: For children between three and six, the swing should be suspended in about one meter height become. For smaller children the swing has to be hung slightly lower (70 - 90 cm), for older children a bit higher (about 120 cm).

3.3. Some nest swings are also suitable for indoors

All nest swings in our nest swing comparison are designed for outdoor use as a garden swing. Some swings can also be used as an indoor swing. Although the outdoor application is certainly more common, you can Nest swings also attractive furniture for the inside represent. In the nursery you can come as a motor-promoting alternative to the sofa used.

3.4. The seat: Whether round or square, it should be as big as possible

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: 2018

Nest swings can also be used indoors as original pieces of furniture.

Seating areas for nest swings have a diameter between 90 cm and 150 cm. The bigger the children are and the more children are supposed to play on the swing at the same time, the bigger the area should be. When choosing your seat, keep in mind how many children of which age play on the surface and whether it may be used by adults.

In the form of nest swings you have the choice between round or square seats. The most common are round seats, but even angular surfaces have their advantages. In square swings you can lie very comfortably similar to a hammock. In addition, on a square area several people can be quite comfortable side by side.

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: swing

4. Care tips: Cover unused nest swing

Unfortunately, nest swings for outdoor use are not indefinitely weatherproof. Often the color fades over time due to the UV radiation of the sun. In addition, plastics such as PVC or nylon are being damaged by the UV rays. So you should the Always cover the swingif it is not in use for a long time, eg. B. with a tarpaulin. For light soiling you can use the Wipe the swing with a damp cloth, Cleaners are usually not necessary.

Tip: Hang the swing in late autumn and store it in the garage or basement. Thus, it is not unnecessarily worn in the winter season due to weather conditions and can be used in the spring in old freshness.

5. Questions and answers about the topic nest swing

5.1. How do I attach a nest swing?

Nest Swing Comparison 2018: swing

With height-adjustable attachment ropes your children can use the swing even if they are a bit older.

The nest swing can be over the two laterally attached ropes hung on a rack, a strong branch or even on the ceiling become.

For this purpose, at the upper end of the ropes of the nest swing there is a hook or eye suspension in which you can attach snap hooks. There are also nest swings with frame to buy, which facilitates the construction.

The swing should be free to swing. So indoor and outdoor should be in the vicinity of the swing no obstacles. As every nest swing test shows, the swing should be built over a flat and rather soft surface. Ideal are grass or sand.

5.2. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a nest swing test and has not yet defined a nest swing test winner. However, in 2009 it published a report warning of deficiencies in public playgrounds. You can also inform the operators of such playgrounds in such cases about deficiencies.

5.3. What are important brands and manufacturers for nest swings?

Hudora is probably the best known and most popular manufacturer of nest swings. Here you will find high quality swings at justifiable prices. Happy People also offers good swings, even for the interior. Many other manufacturers such as HK, Jocy or Wehncke offer cheap nest swings with good quality.

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