A new bathroom design in a few minutes with tile stickers

Not a few people are tired of the decor of their bathroom after years. If they have taken it for granted in a rental matter, this probability is even greater. Tile stickers - for the bathroom provide with tile pictures or completely new color for remedy.

Wall, floor and durability

Whether existing decors should be supplemented, the tile colors in the bathroom completely changed or only individual decorative elements are to be added, for all tasks and optical requirements, there are tile stickers. While the walls only have to resist splash water, floor tile stickers also need high abrasion resistance and color fastness.

The manufacturers of tile stickers with modern plastic materials have the ability to produce very durable adhesive films and to ensure the adhesive layer durability for years. This is especially important in view of the constant cleaning need for floor tiles, which receive their appearance even after frequent use of cleaning equipment and special cleaning agents.

Types of tile stickers

  • Monochrome and marbled and textured surfaces for a new color scheme, used in solid colors or colorful combinations.
  • Stickers with illustrations of other laying patterns, such as small-scale mosaics.
  • Printed surface imitations of wood, stone or antique geometric shapes on every tile surface.
  • Representative motifs on each tile surface, which are used for example as borders, have rustic or floral repeating images.
  • Photo-realistic printed tile pictures, which cover several tile surfaces and extend to the size of a complete tiled wall.
  • Highly resistant floor tile stickers that can withstand frequent brushing and stepping without loosening or fading.

Inexpensive in every form

Tile stickers for the bathroom are available in monochrome cut form already from ten eurocents apiece. A wide range of colors, grades and branded products starts at around twenty euro cents apiece, printed tiling stickers from around fifty euro cents.

Because digital printing is independent of the subject, both surface imitations and photo motifs, or high-quality design, cost the same. Only with multi-part pictures, which pull over several tiles, the unit price costs are assigned from the flat rate, higher.

On the pages of specialized online retailers like wandkings.de, foliesen.de and stickerdealer.de all kinds and motifs for the bathroom are available. This also includes state-of-the-art elements such as QR codes or self-designed motifs.

Tips & Tricks

Some manufacturers combine the wall tattoos with tile stickers for the bathroom. For example, meaningful words with a transparent background can be applied to the existing decor.

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