A new look from wood to stone with tile stickers

Tile stickers for the wall are common. Old tiled floors can be spiced up with the same little effort. The plastics industry has developed products that can survive the constant walking and cleaning for several years without damage.

With or without joints

Basically, floor tile stickers can be applied to any existing floor except carpet. If the floor is not tiled, however, care must be taken in the selection of the motifs that the tile stickers are not designed to have joints.

Due to the higher load on tile stickers for the floor compared to wall stickers, the plastics are normally stronger and are more than one millimeter thick. The adhesive strength of the adhesive is stronger than that of wall tiles and there is additional sealing lacquer that can be used to finish the edges and corners of each applied tile sticker.

Durability and costs

The thicker construction in terms of material thickness and adhesive force makes the floor tile stickers more expensive than the wall units. Individual tile stickers start at around one euro and can cost up to ten euros.

Patterns and motifs with large mosaic tiles

As motifs for the ground, photorealistic motifs are mostly used only for imitations of wood or stone. There are manufacturers who produce tile stickers for the floor with the image or photo provided by the customer. Motifs like sand, shells and pebbles are used.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, be sure to buy products marked as floor tile stickers because wall tiles can quickly peel off or fray.