New ideas for painting

Luckily, there are no longer any stuck values ​​for painting walls and ceilings. Instead, everything is allowed that pleases and fun. But the great freedom in painting can also overwhelm. That's why we've put together great ideas for painting below.

Solid colors was yesterday - today is colorful

Excluding everything in the color white is no longer fashionable. Finally it may be colorful. Allowed is what pleases. Nevertheless, there should already be a certain harmony. So first of all, the ideas for painting are about what fits together.

The visual effect of colors and patterns

You can influence the visual effect of a room with heels that you pull from the ceiling over the upper wall part. This also applies to the use of color combinations or color patterns. Small rooms are therefore painted in bright colors, but in large rooms you can also work with darker colors.

The color harmony - natural colors

But even the colors themselves have an effect. So natural earth tones are soothing and convey a natural well-being. With green you increase this feeling up to the security. So green shades are especially suitable for the bedroom.

Brain stimuli in blue

Blue, on the other hand, is not only cool, it also creates the necessary background feeling for concentrated work. The areas around the desk or study should therefore come up with blue colors.

Holiday feelings at home: from yellow to orange to subtle red

Warmth and relaxation are the hallmarks of soft reds that go in the direction of apricot, salmon or terracotta. In addition, a certain Mediterranean feeling mixes, which can almost lead to a holiday mood. Of course, all colors and shades can also be combined. Basically, the darker the color, the more discreet and economical you should delete it.

Take your time and inform yourself comprehensively

You should therefore be intensively concerned with color harmony. The optical effect of color combinations on walls and ceilings should be extensively studied in order to get the most out of your rooms.

Finally, you can devote yourself to the numerous ideas. There are many possibilities here.

  • Color games through the use of multiple colors
  • Patterns and borders
  • Use of plaster and stucco moldings
  • wall decals
  • Painting techniques such as dabbing, gradient or wiping

Even more food for thought for more ideas

The best way to express the effect of patterns or colors is through photos. The Internet offers you numerous pages dedicated exclusively to collecting substantial collections of related photos with endless ideas to paint.

Brainstorm with friends and partner

In addition, you can also talk to friends, because they also often have brilliant ideas when it comes to interior design and painting. Joint brainstorming is also a successful way to invent or try out even more great ideas.

Combine the painting with structural changes

You can also combine other building materials and specific designs with your color ideas. So you can wallpaper a wall with a particularly eye-catching wallpaper, on the connecting wall a matching and painted paint is used. Or you build wall projections and partitions with gas pores or glass blocks that illuminate you indirectly in the same colors that you will be painting.

Tips & Tricks

You can also visit paint shops and hardware stores. They often offer great integration options such as stencils, wall stickers and wall tattoos. In furniture stores in your area you can visit residential exhibitions, because often these surfaces are also created with great love of design.

In addition, we also offer other articles on this topic in the house journal. For example, you can deal with painting techniques.