The new home improvement app is here!

Handyman beware! Your favorite portal is no longer "just" the state-of-the-art and dynamic state-of-the-art portal for all DIY enthusiasts and craft freaks. True to our philosophy of "Just do it!" We put it one step further: With the new home improvement app, it does not even need an Internet connection to benefit from thousands of pages of constantly updated and growing home improvement wisdom!

The app bundles DIY material from almost 20 years

  • detailed step-by-step instructions
  • extensively documented home improvement projects
  • great home improvement and garden dictionary
  • simple and powerful search function
  • Save and automatically update favorite pages

The new home improvement app is here!: home improvement

Swiss Army Knife 2.0, Advanced Leatherman: The new app.

From now on, you can plan projects on the phone: Get inspired by our project pages and blueprints or implement your own ideas. The home improvement app explains how it works! Saves the necessary information directly on the phone and uses it later, when it matters, quickly and easily: When planning the material requirements, when shopping at the hardware store or at the workbench and on the ladder: is always with you!

Which wood can I use for this? - What was the same formula for dovetail zincing? - How long must the groove be? - How do I get rid of the scratch in the laminate? - Do I need a foundation for this?

No matter what you think, buy or implement. Whatever you screw, nail, glue, tackle, misplace, connect and disconnect: is with you and will help you!

Install the digital Swiss Army Knife, the Leatherman of the internet generation - Free and guaranteed free of advertising!

Information about the new app

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The new home improvement app is here!: improvement

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