New living rooms comfortably and individually set up

If a move is due, it means not only packing the old apartment into boxes and moving to another city, but also rebuilding the new apartment. New spaces that offer completely new possibilities of design, as was the case in the old apartment. Coziness and individuality are in the first place for most people when it comes to furnishings.

After all, the living room should reflect their own personality and give others a clue who is the occupant of the premises. However, a few other aspects should be considered, so that the rooms of the new apartment really to feel comfortable. This is important in order to have a retreat in the new city if it does not work out well in the job or finding friends. The new apartment should be a piece at home, so that the stress is reduced and not increased by feeling unwell. The following checklist shows what points should be noted so that the new home becomes a place of relaxation.

  1. Involve all rooms in the decorations
  2. Choose the colors to match
  3. Find your own style
  4. Do not use too many accessories
  5. Do not disregard functionality

1. Include all rooms in the decorations

When it comes to decorating, most people think of the living area and the bedroom. But an apartment consists of even more rooms: Kitchen and bathroom will definitely be added and, depending on the size of the apartment, a working or dining room or even both. All rooms must be decorated to create a harmonious overall picture in which to live well. By the way, the hallway is also important: it is often forgotten and only coats hang on a wardrobe next to a shoe cupboard. A picture and a pretty lamp can also enhance this area, so that the feeling of well-being begins right after entering the apartment and not only when the living room is reached. A harmonious overall picture creates a feeling of home, so no room should be forgotten in the decoration. Even a study does not have to be set up spartan. In addition to the desk and PC, bookshelves, a beautiful lampshade and plants can also be part of the room, so that this room also harmonises with the rest of the apartment.

2. Select the colors appropriately

Mediterranean coziness, white elegance or stylish gray - there are many ways to color the rooms. If you like it more colorful, you can make good use of the Mediterranean style: warm colors that harmonize with each other, such as beige, brown or orange. Sober is the color scheme in white or gray, but also elegant. But even colors such as blue, green or yellow can be used very well for interior design, provided a few rules are observed. For example, not too many colors should be mixed together. This makes the room too colorful and therefore unsettled, it is more of a restlessness than a relaxation. This also applies to the same color in different tones: light and dark shades of green, for example, can be just as unstable and colorful as green mixed with orange and blue. If you would like to have patterns on the walls, you should make sure that no more than two different ones are mixed together, as describes. It would be best to use only a pattern or a wall tattoo on a single-colored wall. Such a tattoo is simple and simple, does not cause unrest and enhances the space yet optically. In low rooms, something else is important: dark colors belong in the lower part of the room, bright in the upper. So the room is visually stretched upward and it creates a feeling of space, instead of one of tightness. Apart from old buildings with very high ceilings, this principle should be applied in all rooms.

3. Find your own style

Two arm chairs

Two arm chairs

Figure 2: Green together with natural colors makes for a
bright and attractive interior design

Mediterranean, classic-elegant, timeless or rather the country house style - there are different ways to furnish your new apartment. There are almost no limits to the styles. However, it is important that the resident becomes clear in advance about which style he wants to enforce. Whether romantic, playful, cozy, classic or minimalist - it seems to be a jumble when the rooms are stylistically too different from each other. So no harmony arises and the cosiness decreases. Therefore, it must be clarified in advance whether the style should be more cozy, cuddly or classic-minimalist, for example. To find your own style, there is a simple self-test: what does one spontaneously like best, without the opinions of others, such as the partner, the mother or the best friend include? If it's a mix of styles, this is also possible as // reports. However, then make sure that the overall impression is not too confused, but still creates a harmonious picture. For example, one or two playful decorations in an otherwise classically decorated room. Basically, the principle applies to the style that everything is allowed, what pleases - after all, there are also people who feel really comfortable in rooms that are too confused for others.

4. Do not use too many accessories

Besides the colors, the furniture and the style, accessories are also important for the interior design. Pictures, plants, candles and other odds and ends provide a homely atmosphere and eye catchers. For example, empty-looking corners can be upgraded well with a plant. Indirect light creates a homely atmosphere, so this should also be included in the planning. However, it is easy to exaggerate with accessories. If a room gets too many eye catchers, it seems restless, the eye does not know where to rest. That's why accessories should be handled with care - especially if colors have already been used in the interior design and color scheme. Less is more in this case, so that the comfortable and cozy atmosphere is not disturbed. Above all, the colors of the accessories should match the colors of the rest of the room. For example, black accessories in a colored room look rather drab, while in a white or gray room they add even more elegance. On the other hand, splashes of color, however, fit quite well into rooms whose main color is white or gray: so the atmosphere is relaxed. However, with the splashes of color should not be exaggerated, two or three colored accessories are usually perfect.

5. Do not disregard functionality

However, with all the possibilities of decoration, functionality is still the most important aspect: it does not bring anybody a space that, while chic, functional, is not usable. For example, a living room that has a chic, large sofa, a great wall and matching accessories, but does not provide hidden storage space, so that all things stored there are always visible. Therefore, the functionality of buying furniture should always be an important factor. This is the only way to ensure that the desired style is not disturbed by a lack of storage space. Especially in small apartments, this is necessary because the storage space is limited here. A drawer bed, a coffee table with a shelf under the surface or a shelf with opaque doors provide storage space in which all kinds of things can quickly disappear without disturbing the look and style of the room.

New living rooms comfortably and individually set up: apartment

New living rooms comfortably and individually set up: room

Creating new living spaces is a task that usually takes a few weeks. The planning should be done in advance and not after the move. So old furniture can be sorted out and replaced with new ones when moving, as that everything is taken from the previous apartment in the new. This allows you to establish your own style in the new apartment faster and there is no impression of a temporary. As a result, cosiness and thus a feeling of home are created faster. The pre-planning of the eventual sale of old furniture also has the advantage that the relocation does not entail many costs for the resident. This makes it easier to furnish the apartment according to your own wishes and to find your own style. Homely, the apartment will be from the beginning, if all rooms are directly involved in the planning. After a few weeks, when all desired new furniture and accessories have been purchased, the apartment is cozy and individually decorated. The new home will quickly become a home.

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