New look for the wall: What can be painted over silicate paint?

Sometimes there is a silicate paint on an interior or exterior wall that does not look really good anymore. Then the idea comes up to paint over the old coating with a color of your own choice and thus create a fresh new look. Since most home improvement but are not very familiar with silicate paints, they often resort to other paints: Is that useful?

Silicate paint can only be painted over with the same material?

Silicate paints silicify with the substrate during hardening and form a firm bond with the wall surface. For this they need a mineral reaction partner, which they find, for example, in a lime cement plaster or a stone surface.

Naturally pure silicate coatings are themselves made of mineral ingredients, so they can easily be improved with a new silicate coating. But that's not the only way to beautify the wall!

An old silicate coating is almost the same as a raw mineral wall or plaster: all the colors that are suitable for painting such walls, usually also on a silicate coating.

This can be painted over silicate paint

The choice is so big when it comes to the color renovation. To repaint your wall, you can use the following colors:

  • Emulsion paints, optionally for inside or outside
  • Latex paints based on a fat plastic dispersion
  • Lime color for a natural effect
  • again silicate paint to stay with the same paint

It is only important to remove any flaking spots, to fill holes and to smooth the surface if necessary. Remember also that latex paint should preferably be painted on wallpaper because it is difficult to remove and can not be overpainted.

Coat silicate paint - and let the walls breathe

Silicate paints are extremely vapor-permeable and ensure a well-functioning exchange of air and moisture. This is good for the indoor climate and human health! That's why painting with latex and latex paints is possible, but not necessarily recommended.

It is better for the building substance and the human health to be painted over with another silicate coating or a similarly permeable lime color. Also keep in mind that you can no longer apply silicate paint on an emulsion paint.

Tips & Tricks

Silikfarbe also helps prevent mold and kills numerous germs due to the alkaline effect. Covering a wall coated with silicate paint with another coating is therefore not a good idea in many ways - although it works.

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