A new outfit for the fridge: by gluing with foil!

Most free-standing refrigerators are either kept in plain white or they have a metallic surface. Not everyone likes the neutral, simple style, sometimes it just has to be a little bit of visual pizzazz. However, refrigerator doors are not so easy to paint over, a colored film provides a better way to design.

Stick the fridge with a foil: That's how it works!

There are numerous special films on the Internet for gluing refrigerator doors, they have standardized dimensions, but they can also be cut to size. The film is supplied on a backing paper, which makes the adjustment easier.

The cutting is done simply with the scissors - or, if it is to be quite exact, with the cutter along the cut-resistant ruler. For actual sticking we recommend a tool, such as a rubber scraper or a soft cloth.

When gluing a very large foil, it is best to ask another person for help. How to glue the fridge door:

  • Pull the carrier foil of the sticker slightly downwards at the upper edge
  • Position the upper edge exactly parallel to the upper edge of the refrigerator
  • rub with a squeegee or cloth on the ground
  • Gradually remove the carrier foil
  • rub the sticker piece by piece with a cloth or a squeegee
  • push out any air bubbles down or to the sides
  • Only then rub the next piece until the lower edge sticks

Alternative: Cover the fridge with wall tattoos

Most wall decals are also suitable for gluing the refrigerator, here are many different decors, colors and sayings to choose from. You may also be able to customize the fridge sides so that you get a consistent picture.

Your fridge will become a small, individual piece of art adorning your kitchen. If you want, you can also stick the kitchen cabinets in a uniform style, so that the entire room looks visually homogeneous.

Tips & Tricks

Another possibility of the refrigerator design is to apply large-area magnetic images on the surface. These can even be designed online in different printers! You can also easily remove a magnet if you do not like it, unlike foil or lacquer.

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