Build a new roof, what costs are incurred?

After decades it is often necessary to completely replace a dilapidated attic: a costly project. The price for a roof truss, whether for a new house or an old one, is not measurable. You can judge him by a few factors.

The new roof truss: important cost factors

  • The cost of a new roof structure amounts to different levels, we give you some orientation points for the assessment of the total price.
  • Demolition costs: Does the old roof truss still have to be demolished? Is there a duty to secure adjacent roads? This preparatory work incurs costs which you must include in your calculation.
  • Protection of the construction site: Does the area adjacent to the house have to be separately protected? Are outbuildings - especially in demolition work - endangered? These measures also cost money.
  • Regional differences: In regions with a potentially higher risk of severe weather and a high salinity in the air, the roof truss must be particularly robust. The necessary, durable material causes higher costs than the materials for a roof structure in more temperate zones.
  • For harsh weather you need particularly well-grown, high-quality wood and heavy roof tiles: So you have even in stormy weather probably long rest until the next roof renovation.
  • An important cost factor is, of course, the roof size: this includes the square footage and the roof pitch, but also the roof overhang. Of course, a lot of space means high costs.
  • Should the roof receive a dormer? Of course, such extras cost more, because the roof truss must have a special design at the right place.
  • The roofing type also determines the total costs. There is a wide range of possibilities, from the light steel pan to the heavy slate, but also foil roofs are included in the offer.
  • The energy standard of the house is another aspect that you should consider when calculating the cost of the roof truss. This is based on the selection of the insulating material, which causes different costs depending on the material.

Specific costs for the roof truss

The average price for a new roof truss, without cover and insulation, is around 60 EUR per square meter. The factors mentioned in the previous chapter can either increase or mitigate costs.

Covering the roof costs another 20 to 100 euros per square meter, with reed covering tending to be the most expensive. The insulation of the roof truss costs about 30 to 60 EUR per square meter.

Example project: replace the roof truss completely

The owner of an old one-family house with pitched roof has to have his truss replaced, because the old roof is completely dilapidated - even the insulation values ​​are bad. The work involved includes the measures listed in the following list.

  • Demolition and dismantling of the old roof truss
  • Securing the environment and moisture protection
  • Delivery and installation of battens
  • Insulation of the roof truss according to PASSIV-HAUS standard
  • Covering the roof with simple roof tiles

The attic has a total area of ​​130 sqm. The installation of skylights and the possible construction of a dormer are not included in the following price calculation.

Cost overviewprice
roof demolition4,600 EUR
Protection and moisture protection600 EUR
new roof structure, material and installation7,800 euros
roof insulation6,500 EUR
Cover the roof3,900 euros
total23,400 EUR

New roof truss: save costs

Building a roof truss is a time-consuming job for professionals, which is tied to many guidelines. Who is actually able to build a professional roof truss with family and friends, can save up to 40% of the costs.

Most homeowners will hire a specialist firm for this work. Ask a number of providers for a cost estimate that is based on the specific project. Do not choose the cheapest company, but the provider with the best price-performance ratio.

Getting all the work out of one hand is particularly convenient for the homeowner. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of time coordinating every work step, but the specialist company regulates the course of the measures themselves.

For you, this means a great deal of time and stress savings, which you may be willing to pay a bit more for your attic.

Tips & Tricks

Certain works on the roof are financially supported by the state. These include the application of thermal insulation, measures to reduce thermal bridges, the insulation panel and roof tile replacement. Find out on the website!

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