The new terrace - wood or stone?

Before a terrace is created, a lot of planning should take place. The question of whether the terrace is made of wood or rather made of stone, plays a very important role. Both variants of flooring for the terrace have their advantages and disadvantages. We want to show you here in an overview, so that you can decide more easily.

Terrace with slope

A terrace with stones or concrete slabs should always have a slope so that rainwater and moisture can drain. This is not so important with a wooden terrace, as most wooden floorboards have terraces over terraces that allow moisture to drain away. Here, only a minimal gradient must be planned.

Durability of the decking

While outdoor wood weathers within a few years, stone is truly preserved for eternity. To make matters worse, the necessary care of the wood surface is added. The wood must be thoroughly cleaned about once a year and then re-introduced with a wood preservative.

Important aspects at a glance

  • maintenance frequency
  • gradient
  • weathering
  • Elevations
  • foot friendly

Barefoot terrace for the whole family

Whether summer or winter, the wooden terrace is considerably more comfortable on the feet. Stones heat up unpleasantly in the sunshine and walking on bare feet is more than unpleasant. Especially when children are supposed to play on the terrace, wood is the best choice. Even when the children fall, wood on the terrace is not nearly as uncomfortable as concrete or stone.

Compensation of height differences

If a terrace is newly created, the soil is often still very loose. A stone terrace would be crooked and crooked in front of the house at the latest after the first winter. A wooden terrace anchored deep into the ground with ground anchors will stand much better.

Tips & Tricks

If you prefer a wooden deck, but can not decide because of the significant drawbacks, you should consider the WPC terrace wood once. This offers at least a wooden look, without having the strong disadvantages of the weather sensitivity of the wood.

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