New types of wood in modern wooden windows

Wooden windows are clearly on the rise. Their high ecological value, their high natural insulation capacity and the general focus on more sustainable construction give wooden windows a real hype in recent years. In addition, new, interesting types of wood are coming onto the market - read here what has changed in the last few years.

Traditional wood species for wooden windows

Quality as a criterion

The quality of wood always determines the durability and also the so-called dimensional stability. However, different types of wood have different characteristics in this respect. Therefore not all of the traditional woods are approved for window construction.


Pine is the most commonly used wood for window construction. The properties of pine are balanced, while pinewood is relatively inexpensive. This also plays a role for the final price.

New types of wood in modern wooden windows: modern

Pine has a bulk density of 450 - 600 kg / m³, so overall it is not too heavy wood. Untreated, it is yellowish to reddish brown.


The red-brown, strongly darkening wood has excellent properties for window construction. Its durability is proven. The price-performance ratio is still acceptable for larch wood, albeit a bit more expensive than pine. It is also used for particularly rustic plank floors.


Oak wood is also used in window construction. The gray to gray-yellow wood is extremely solid and durable, as deciduous wood oak has a much higher density (about 670 - 700 kg / m³). It is even more durable than larch wood. It reacts with iron, on contact, it discolors. Oak is much more expensive, but also much more durable than other types of wood and requires little care.


Mahogany is stable and durable, besides, it is also relatively resistant to moisture. It is valued for its durability, but is a bit more expensive.


Meranti is a tropical wood, recognizable by its typical pink-brown to dark brown color. The density may vary greatly, inferior woods are not allowed. Meranti comes mainly from Indonesia.

Less used wood types in window construction

  • Douglas
  • Spruce (especially in southern Germany)
  • Hemlock
  • Sipo

Shortage of meranti

Above all, the fluctuating quantities of high-quality Red Meranti - with a bulk density of more than 500 kg / m³ - have meant that the popular wood is used less and less. The quality is not consistent, so that is a risk for the manufacturer.

New types of wood in the market


Eucalyptus wood, mainly from Brazil, is becoming increasingly popular for wooden windows. The quality here is partly still fluctuating.

Other tropical woods

The most promising are currently Gerutu, Bintangor and Kasai, which comes from the South Pacific. All these woods are little known here, and therefore find slow distribution.

Increased use of less used wood species

In addition to the traditional types of wood, however, the less used types of wood, such as Douglas fir or spruce, could in future become more important for window construction. This corresponds to the trend towards proven, domestic products instead of tropical timber with long transport routes.

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