New windows - these prices are to be expected

There are big differences in windows. The prices for the different materials are just as different as the cost of the different types of glazing. Here are some examples of what prices are to be expected.

Materials for windows

Any material from which window frames are made has its advantages for the homeowner. But the prices are very different, with consistently plastic windows are the cheaper option. Wood, as a material for window construction is often a little more expensive than plastic.

Material coming soon:

  • plastic
  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • Aluminum with wood core

Functions of the sash

Basically, fixed elements are always much cheaper, since here, of course, no expensive fittings are needed. Every little function requires not only fittings from the window manufacturer, but more stable window frames.

Common functions for windows

  • Tilt function - window can not be opened completely
  • Rotary function - window can only be fully opened, but not tilted
  • Turn-tilt function - the most common function for single or double-leaf windows

Pivot window

In the case of a swing window, the wing is suspended centrally on the sides and can be whipped around completely. These windows were very popular for a while, because the entire wing is tilted inwards for cleaning.

However, the swing windows are often not very high and have a much wider window frame. As a result, less light comes into the room and tall people have to stoop to look out the window.

This is uncomfortable and gives the impression of narrow loopholes. In addition, swing windows are slightly more expensive, as the frame must be quite strong and stable.

Glazing - windowpanes

The additional costs for insulating glazing are approximately 50 to 70 euros per square meter glass surface. For soundproof windows, an extra charge of about 45 to 60 euros is additionally due.

The same price must again be estimated for safety glass. This applies in each case to one square meter of glass surface. Many manufacturers very generously count on the frame as a glass surface.

The client should therefore be given in the offer preparation at the best fixed prices in order to avoid later trouble.

Glass types:

  • 2-fold glazing
  • Triple glazing (depending on the manufacturer, this already applies as insulating glazing)
  • 6-fold double glazing
  • Soundproof windows
  • safety glass
  • tinted windows

Plastic windows

Plastic windows are the cheapest option in most cases. They are sturdy and durable. In addition, extraordinary shapes can be realized with a plastic frame. However, if a plastic window has a scratch or discoloration, you will hardly get it back.

Price examples plastic windows

  • 1-wing 80 x 80 centimeters about 120,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 100 x 100 centimeters about 140,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 160 x 80 centimeters about 220,00 Euro

wood windows

Not only the slightly higher price has put the wooden windows behind the plastic windows in the background. Wooden windows need the most care and age much faster. However, scratches and discoloration in the wood can be easily eliminated.

Price examples wooden windows

  • 1-wing 80 x 80 centimeters about 190,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 100 x 100 centimeters about 220,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 160 x 80 centimeters about 290,00 Euro

aluminum windows

Hardly any window is as durable and almost indestructible as an aluminum window. It is almost irrelevant whether the aluminum window has a wood core or just an aluminum frame. The window with wood core is a little heavier and more stable, but this does not affect the price.

Price examples aluminum window

  • 1-wing 80 x 80 centimeters about 350,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 100 x 100 centimeters about 390,00 Euro
  • 1-wing 160 x 80 centimeters about 485,00 Euro

Special cases and Danish windows

Special designs are also very expensive. However, they are often unavoidable for reasons of heritage protection. Here is an example of two almost normal plastic windows:

  • 2-wing fixed pointed window - upper third bevelled 120 x 120 centimeters 820,00 Euro
  • 2-wing with turn-tilt function and semicircular fixed skylight 100 x 120 cm 1.200,00 Euro

Danish windows

The Danish window opens its flights to the outside. This makes it very dense in wind or storm. However, the fittings must be specially selected, since the window is otherwise not burglar proof. That makes the popular window a bit more expensive.

  • 2-fold casement window wood 90 x 100 centimeters - 320,00 Euro
  • 2-fold casement window wood 120 x 120 centimeters - 410,00 Euro

Tips & Tricks

Try to avoid special shapes, if possible. These are disproportionately expensive and often still poorly worked, since the round elements are usually pulled, for example. This leads to small wrinkles and unevenness in the rounding of an inexperienced window maker.

Also, the sealing profile, which is guided around the round arch at the end of the disc, is often wavy and not quite perfect. If you then think about the price, you might prefer to use a very simple square window.

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