New windscreen wipers on the car

New windscreen wipers on the car: wiper

The windshield wiper is one of the most important inventions in the automotive sector and has evolved with the technique of vehicle too. However, the latest wiper model does not do much good if instead of wiping the dirt off the glass, it smears on the glass, thus impairing visibility. shows you how the change works fast and easy.


The windshield wiper was Invented in 1903 by the American Mary Anderson and was still hand-operated at that time. In 1928 BOSCH developed a system with electric motor. This principle has been preserved to this day, and the technology has evolved accordingly. The manufacturers try to increase the wiping power by the design of the windshield wiper while keeping the noise as low as possible.

Materials that are mainly used are metal poles for stabilizing, as well as wiper blades made of rubber / silicone.

wiper types

New windscreen wipers on the car: windscreen

Classic windscreen wiper

Most vehicles still use the classic swashplate wiper, which have a linkage with joints and so press the wiper blade rubber to the disc. As an alternative to changing the complete windscreen wiper, it is also possible to replace the wiper blade rubber. However, this variant is very complicated and the results are rather modest.

Vehicles of the newer generation are already known with flat bar wipers, also known as "Aerotwin" from BOSCH or "VisioFlex" from SWF. These wipers consist only of a wiper blade, which is stabilized by an integrated Evodium spring rail and the curvature of the disc optimally adapts. The flat design minimizes the wind noise and the uniformly strong contact force avoids wear peaks on the windscreen wiper.

The success of the flat bar wiper is also thereRetrofit kits for older vehicles. These wipers have matching mounting points for classic wiper arms and can be easily mounted.

change intervals

The Changing intervals can vary depending on the load on the windscreen wiper. Basically, it is recommended to change the windscreen wipers once a year. Spring time is recommended as most wiper blades are severely worn after fall and winter.

Regular cleaning of the wiper blades additionally increases their life expectancy.

The change of wiper blades

Many people are still having trouble changing wiper blades, so this is where they come from in a step by step guide explains how to do it best.

Windscreen wiper change on the classic wiper arm

1) Lift wiper arm

2) Loosen the old windscreen wiper by squeezing the plastic adapter.

3) Remove old windscreen wiper downwards.

4) Slide new windscreen wiper with plastic adapter from below into the bracket of the wiper arm until it clicks into place and sits without play.

5) Carefully place the wiper arm back on the glass.

Windscreen wiper change on the "Aerotwin" wiper arm

1) Lift wiper arm

2) Turn the old windscreen wiper 90° and remove it to the side

3) Place new windscreen wiper on the wiper arm

4) Carefully place the wiper arm back on the glass. Tip:

Refitting the classic wiper arm

The conversion of the classic windscreen wipers on flat bar wiper brings certain advantages. However, to enjoy the full power of the new wiper generation, you should also convert the wiper arm itself. The wiper arms designed for flat beam wipers provide even more contact pressure, as they have stronger springs. Whether or not your vehicle has the option of such a retrofit is best requested from the manufacturer.

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