New Year: Make New Year presents, card and calendar

New Year: Make New Year presents, card and calendar: calendar

At the dawn of the new year, many people visit their family and friends to wish them a Happy New Year.

Lucky charms, such as pink pig, chimney sweep and four-leaf clover, are gladly presented as a souvenir, which should bring the loved one good luck and success for the future.

Below are links to free tutorials that will show you how to make small gifts, lucky charms, and calendars yourself.

Have fun browsing and crafting!

Make New Year presents, cards and calendars

12 sided calendar (dodecahedron)

Cube-shaped calendar for printing and crafting

For guidance

Crafting instructions New Year's Eve card

Instructions with punching templates for New Year's cards made of cardboard and small felt scattering parts

For guidance

The New Year's Zoetrope

Image projection with champagne bottle animation Zoetrop craft sheet for printing

For guidance

Make good luck yourself

fortune cookies

Hide and offer loving messages in waffle rolls.

For guidance

Origami lucky pig

Happiness pigs are folded from square leaflets in pink clay using the origami technique

For guidance

Crafting lucky pigs

Template and crafting instructions for lucky pigs made of cardboard and paper.

For guidance

Making Lucky Motives for New Year's Eve

Ideas for gifts and New Year's Eve decoration: New Year's memory, rocket decoration, calendar, pig, lucky clover, etc.

For guidance

Chimney sweep from wood

with pegs made of toothpicks Craftsmanship with photos

For guidance


make a shamrock yourself

For guidance

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