New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight

New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: kick

High-quality sparkling wine does not necessarily have to be champagne

Imagine how scary it must be to be a blanket at the end of December. January is just a few seconds old and already the corks are flying. The plastic ones are the worst! But it does not have to get that far. There is also super sparkling wine that you can afford - even with proper corks! High-quality and exciting sect and sparkling wines are everywhere in the trade even for small money.

That too Prosecco and Cava In the meantime, the Germans, who manage to make really good sparkling wine for little money, prove that they can be very good. So let's start with German winemakers. Not huge champagne cellars, but small but fine winemakers, because Winzersekt is something very special. It is usually produced on vines that the winemaker himself cultivates and German sparkling wines on which "champagne b.A" * or "quality sparkling wine b.A" is, are therefore often really good. Meanwhile, they also write the grape varieties on their labels, sometimes even the vintage.

Especially recommended are the wines of Castle Affaltrach - there is currently one at REWE for 5.99 (Anniversary edition sparkling wine). This Württemberger is discreet, really tingling but also taste-intensive - much better than mixed sect from giant wineries. Also recommended are the sparkling wines of Diel from the Nahetal. All are available online for 10-15 € and will not let your New Year's Eve party guests down. Geldermann and Kessler make also very beautiful products, Geldermann's Rosé (orange label) is an insider tip and comes in different bottle sizes.

New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: champagne

In France There are also alternatives to champagne, where they call sparkling Crémant - a trend that many German winemakers now follow. The best Crémant's come from the Loire Valley in my opinion and a name that can be seen almost everywhere in the trade is Bouvet, Bouvet produces Crémants in the price range of 10 to 20 €. Also definitely recommended is the entry-level model of Gratien and Meyer (violet label), available in many REWE stores, but also on sale. This Chenin Blanc-accented Crémant is youthful, fresh and, if you do not exaggerate, just makes you feel good.

But sometimes it just has to champagne his! Most of the brands that can be found in the supermarket are often overpriced and often, as in the case of the largest champagne house (the one with Scarlett Johansson...), not really good either. The supermarket own brands are sometimes good and sometimes not so. Personally, I like the wine of ALDI-NORD - Veuve Durand and also Charles Bach (REWE) and Bissinger (LIDL) are completely fine. Brand champagne is difficult, but best value for money Pommery and Heidsieck monopolies (blue bottleneck). Also in the specialized trade there is plenty of champagne for little money. Unknown wineries (who do not advertise, at least not with Mrs. Johansson) make e

New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: year

Simplify but good brood (extra dry) ago, which is to have less than 25 euros. Vintage wines are much more expensive.

Now we come after Italy and here is good, reliable sparkling wine Prosecco, Made from Prosecco grapes and unlike champagne and 90% of the winegrower's spirit, this alcoholized grape juice undergoes the second fermentation in steel tanks rather than in the bottle. What happens? Fresh, uncomplicated and slightly metallic sparkling wines. Although the wines start at 4 euros (anything that is cheaper, does not mean Prosecco. Look closely, a few letters will be missing...), I advise you to spend a few cents more. Goods Frizzante (simple) and easier Spumante (better quality) starts at 7 or 8 euros and is better by classes. However, if you want to mix the Prosecco with elderflower syrup, lime and mint or Aperol, it is enough for less than 5 euros.

The Spaniard are also lovers of good sparkling wine. Cava is no longer an insider tip and products from giant companies such as Freixenet are everywhere (always somewhere in the offer for about 4 euros). Before you go to Carta Nevada, try the Cordon Negro (black bottle) - although it costs at least 7 euros, but is also much better (comparable to simple champagne, I think). There are many other Cava brands but the best ones are only available in specialist shops - here you pay up to 12 euros for good but cheap wines. Still, this northern Spanish sparkling wine region offers the best prices for quality, whether

New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: champagne

probably it has suffered a lot under bad press in recent years.

There are hardly any other cheap alternatives in Germany. Also in the Ukraine Sparkling wine is grown, for example delicious red sect. They are called Krimsekt and are available in many supermarkets. Krimsekt is often sweeter than ordinary sparkling wine and is considered a champagne substitute in Russia and the Ukraine. The Austrian make good sparkling wine but only a few reach Germany. Especially recommended are the products of Schlumberger - available in many supermarkets. (Try the Chardonnay for about 13 euros - really good!) The neighbors in the Czech Republic also make good sparkling wines: Bohemian sparkling wine is easy to drink, but it is difficult to find in the trade.

As you can see, good sparkling wine and champagne are available for a small fee. Therefore, especially on New Year's Eve should be clear: We have neither time nor money for bad champagne! Not only the French can do it, but also the Italians, the Germans and especially the Spaniards. As always with the wine gets someone who knows more money for more money and more quality. Even if that does not always apply to vintage champagne: For a pair of your hard earned euros more, you sometimes get significantly better quality in the champagne glasses - and smaller holes in the roof.

"Happy New Year!" - A small sparkling wine

New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: sparkling

If you want to uncork and enjoy your champagne without bangs, it is best to cool it down to five to eight degrees Celsius. To avoid that the cork bores like a bullet into the ceiling, it is better to open only bottles, which were previously well cooled. Real experts turn on opening the bottle instead of on the closure and manage to open it noiselessly.

New Year's Eve sparkling wine becomes a real treat when served in tall goblets instead of flat bowls. In Kelchen the carbon dioxide lasts longer and the Scheumwein remains tingling. As a host, you should take special care that no residual detergent is left on the glass. Even the tiniest traces prevent the sparkling wine from bubbling. Therefore, before pouring always recommended an extra rinse with clear water.

Who wants to toast with mineral water, orange juice or cola, does not need to be rejected by champagne drinkers. A toasting with soft drinks is by no means a break in style, according to Knigge. Rather, non-alcoholic drinks are considered equal, as no one should be excluded who does not drink alcohol.

By the way: The clinking with glasses is only allowed in a manageable round. Starting with a circle of six to eight people, toasting would cause too much movement. Since you limited yourself better to Zuprosten.

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New Year's Eve - sparkling wine and champagne to kick off at midnight: year

Lee Markham was born in London, grew up in Southend-On-Sea and has lived in Germany since 2007. In his blog he writes mainly about wines, but also about other culinary highlights and publishes restaurant reviews. Anyone in need of tips for cheap and good wines is always in the right place at Lee.

annotation: "b.A" stands for "specific growing area" and means that all grapes are guaranteed to come from this one winemaker.

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