Night storage heater Pro and Contra

At night storage heaters are almost always mentioned only the disadvantages - many regard them as antiquated "dinosaur technology". Night storage heaters can also have advantages. Which facts for, and which facts speak against night storage heating, you can find therefore in this post once faced.


Night storage heaters are not as bad as their reputation. The comes partly from times where they were filled with dangerous asbestos, and had to be disposed of consuming and expensive. However, there are also some arguments in favor of night storage heating.

Low installation costs

Night storage heaters can be easily installed, especially without high installation costs. There is no room for a boiler, and no laying of heating pipes in the house.

No fuel stock

Unlike a pellet stove, an oil or gas boiler, no fuel needs to be stored. That's the advantage of all electricity heaters. There is no need to set up storage rooms in the house for fuels - which in turn significantly reduces the space requirement for the heating system.

Practically maintenance-free

This is also an argument that relativizes the high costs. Night storage heaters are virtually maintenance free for decades. It eliminates the costs of chimney sweeps, annual boiler maintenance and boiler replacement every 15 years.

No chimney needed

Oil and gas heating and wood heating systems need an intact chimney. Night storage heaters not.

Possible use as cost-effective electricity storage

In some cases, night storage heating may be the least expensive electricity storage for photovoltaic systems. The self-generated electricity can be used directly for heating, the missing electricity can be obtained cheaply from the grid (explained here).

The otherwise necessary storage batteries for balancing fluctuating amounts of electricity, however, are disproportionately expensive.


With new and advanced heating technologies offering the same benefits - such as infrared heaters, the disadvantages of night storage heaters are rather heavy.

Low efficiency

In this point, the not very friendly name "dinosaur technology" is correct. The efficiency is really very bad compared to other forms of heating.

Unfavorable source of energy

Electricity is by far the most expensive energy source - 1 kWh of electricity costs more than four times as much as 1 kWh of gas. In addition, gas and oil prices can at least be reasonably predicted in the next few years, while the experts do not agree on the electricity price. With the energy turnaround, the price of electricity could rise significantly again until 2020, while moderate increases in oil and gas are to be expected.

Missing low-load rates

Although the Federal Cartel Office has - not very effective - enforced an opening of the heating market. At the same time, regional utilities have been relieved of the obligation to offer low-load tariffs ("heating electricity"), which means that in many regions only the more expensive domestic electricity is available. That makes the night storage heaters more expensive.

Unflexible system

If more heating is needed, this must be set in advance (the previous day). In case of sudden cold spells reheating with night storage ovens is possible, but also enormously expensive.

Low comfort

Due to the high convection of night storage heaters, there is little living comfort and hardly any comfortable warmth. Most other types of heating can do this much better.

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