Night storage heating: how can the costs be calculated?

You are planning to install a night storage heater or would like to move into a house with this type of heating? Then you should calculate in advance the approximate cost of the night storage heater, because the power consumption can be relatively high - while the maintenance costs are low.

Worth knowing about the night storage heater

The night storage heater saves one thing above all: storage space for fuels. That's why it was so popular in its early days, because in the 1950s, most of the houses had a coal stove, including a depository for the coal.

In terms of electricity consumption, old appliances are not very economical - at times of low energy prices that did not matter much. In poorly insulated old buildings with technically obsolete heaters, the night storage heater at today's electricity prices means a big cost factor.

In addition, the low-cost low tariff (also called night tariff) in Germany is no longer offered nationwide. In the past, electricity suppliers used this special tariff to secure the capacity utilization of the power plants during the night.

Who wants to calculate the cost of his night storage heater, the first must consider whether he will use an outdated or a new heater. In addition, of course, the thermal insulation of the house and their own heating play a major role.

With no night tariff the purchase of a new device will hardly be worthwhile. If your electricity supplier offers such a tariff, then this lies somewhere between 20 and 6 o'clock, possibly in individual sections pieced together.

The acquisition and installation costs for new equipment can be described as relatively low, also the night storage heater is low maintenance. These factors play an additional role in the calculation of the total costs.

Calculate costs for night storage heating

A family of four moves from a gas-heated apartment to an old building with night storage heating. The heater dates from 2010, the house was insulated a few years ago.

Pre-tenants, who still used the old appliance and did not enjoy thermal insulation, paid 250 EUR heating costs per month. The family calculates the current electricity costs for the new night storage heater at around 150 EUR per month.

Cost overviewprice
Heater30 EUR per month
Heat120 EUR per month
totalper year: 1,800 EUR

How can costs be saved?

Above all, a night storage heater must be set correctly to work effectively. Therefore, it is advantageous to be able to operate the charging control itself and to get expert advice in case of doubt.

Adjacent ventilation grille increase the power consumption, the ventilation should always remain free! Observe the usual ventilation rules, so that the humidity in the apartment is not too high. Avoid permanent ventilation!

Tips & Tricks

When it gets particularly cold, the nocturnal loading times may not be enough. Before you use the expensive normal tariff, ask your electricity supplier for possible special charging times during the day!

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