Bedside table from old books - that's how it's done

Hardly anyone comes out without a shelf next to the bed. For such a bedside table, there are many clever ideas away from the traditional night table. Anyone who still has some old, no longer needed books, can also make a bedside table out of it. Read here how it works best.

Upcycle books

Books are made of valuable material - paper and cardboard. Although you can almost completely recycle books, you can also "upcycle" them by putting them, if they are no longer read, for a different purpose. That is also very ecological.

Nightstand from old books - step by step

  • old books in appropriate size, with sturdy cover
  • Spray adhesive
  • wood glue
  • Colored paint spray or paint
  • brush

1. Prepare books

Free books from dust and loose particles, preferably brush off thoroughly. Then page through the pages and spray spray glue between the sides. The pages should then firmly adhere to each other.

2. Stack books

The books stack on top of each other. Make sure that a stable tower is created. Always stack the books so that the tower is evenly supported on all sides.

3. Glue book pages together

Before finalizing, spray the sides of the books with spray glue. Let dry. Then the books can be glued together with simple wood glue.

4. Painting

Paint the book tower with varnish (recommended: white). Make sure that the spray paint is applied evenly everywhere. It is important to cover the area thoroughly beforehand. After the first spray, spray on another covering layer. Let it dry and place the stack of books next to the bed.

Tips & Tricks

There are also other creative ideas for bedside cabinets - some of which can be found in this post. And even old fruit boxes can be converted into a bedside table. See more in this post.

Video Board: DIY rustic side table made from free pallets.