Bedside table made of pallets - that's how it works

Furniture from old pallets is currently very much in vogue - the old transport aids can actually be used to build a multitude of interesting and rustic-looking furniture. How to build a bedside table out of pallets and what to think about when building is explained in detail in this article.

Pallet types

Pallets are not only available in the form of the standardized Euro pallet. For various purposes, many special pallet models are in circulation, which can also be structured differently, and have different dimensions. An overview of possible alternative pallet shapes for your bedside cabinet project can be found here:

of palletsparticularities
2-way palletclosed structure as with the 4-way pallets such as the Euro pallet
IPPC palletsare specially heat-treated and dried, so that molds and resins can no longer occur (marking HT on the pallet)
industrial palletsa standard, different dimensions
Paper pallets / transport coverAre placed on pallet deliveries at the top
special palletsvarious special dimensions available


For europallets, there are the categories "new" and "new" - with these pallets you can still work well. "Still exchangeable", "no longer exchangeable" and "repaired" as a state indication should rather be avoided.

For disposable pallets (such as industrial pallets), such condition descriptions are not available because the pallets are used only for a single transport. Here it is only important that there is no serious damage to the pallet.

Simple nightstand for hanging

The easiest way to build a shelf next to the bed by sawing from the pallet just a slat width. If one then separates again on the intermediate piece, one has a simple, laterally closed shelf with two storage compartments.

Other variants

Of course, even more complicated constructions are possible. Basically, you can divide the palette into different parts, which you can then put together according to your wishes. The possibilities are almost unlimited here.

Tips & Tricks

Pallets can also be used to build desks, dining tables or bed frames.

Video Board: DIY rustic side table made from free pallets.