No insider tip anymore: Tiles from Poland

The monetary advantage combined with lower labor and material costs allows Polish building material manufacturers to demand unrivaled low prices for their products. This also applies to tiles of all kinds, although attention should be paid to the import of customary household quantities


All tile types from Poland

Also in the field of tile production and sales, Polish companies have specialized in the German market. Quality craftsmanship and production facilities are almost unaffected by tile producers in other countries. So the manufacturers have not only classic tiles of Central European taste in the range.

Many Polish tile manufacturers have acquired the production techniques of exotic tiles. Meanwhile, the market for Oriental, Spanish and Mexican tile types produced in Poland is very large.

Inconsistent prices of manufacturers

A specialty of Polish tile production are painted cement tiles. The decors are borrowed from all stylistic devices that are used worldwide in tile production. The selection ranges from Art Nouveau patterns to Mexican Aztec reliefs to colorful Oriental floral and sun ornaments.

The prices for tiles from Poland are very different between the individual suppliers. While some manufacturers, especially near the border with Germany, are geared to market prices in Germany and remain only slightly below the usual price level, further domestic manufacturers are more than fifty percent cheaper than German products.

Not always recognizable origin

On the Internet, tiles from Poland are offered under names that initially reveal nothing about the origin, such as, or

The allegedly largest German tile dealer from Poland is, which distributes the products of all relevant large tile manufacturers in Poland.

Tips & Tricks

For larger private construction projects or for a particularly unusual taste, a small search and shopping trip makes sense. The money saved on the purchase finances the trip and even then there can still be a big savings.

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