Noble gloss for wooden objects: gilding and silvering

Gold and silver stand in stylish contrast to beautifully painted wood, so laying leaf metal on the natural material has a long tradition. Of course, wood can also be painted with gold paint and a brush, but the effect is not comparable to leaf metal. For amateur artists, there are now easy ways to process metal pads, we give an introduction.

Wood gild with gold leaf or transfer gold?

In ancient times, artists used leaf metal to gild or silver wood. However, the extremely thin metal flakes are difficult to handle without a transfer film; Applying them with the Anschießerpinsel requires a lot of practice.

For this reason, the Transmetall was developed, which lies on a backing paper and can be easily glued to the wood surface. Schlagmetall offers a low-cost alternative to the transfer metal.

How to get your gold or silver on the wood

Some trained restorers and painters still know exactly how to apply a gilding on a historical model. Several chalk grounds in different compositions are applied to each other, smoothed and provided with colored Polimentschichten.

Modern processes are much easier to do, requiring mainly transfer gold or metal impact, a matching acrylic adhesive, or applying oil and primer paint. That is how it goes:

  • Smooth and clean the wooden surface thoroughly
  • possibly fill and grind
  • apply colored primer (red for gold / blue for silver)
  • Let the primer dry
  • second coat if the first does not cover
  • let dry
  • Apply adhesive or apply oil
  • Apply transfer metal
  • after drying, remove excess residues
  • polish with cotton wool

Corrosion-prone metal still needs a coating to be protected from air and moisture. For this purpose, a clear varnish or a varnish according to historical model is suitable to taste.

Apply chandeliers to gilded surfaces

In order to give the work of art that "certain something", it is advisable to mix the varnish or varnish discreetly with fine color pigments. On gold and silver shining red, green or blue looks especially nice. This is how you create radiant chandeliers, like old altars or sculptures.

Tips & Tricks

For minor repairs on gilded wood, we recommend a gold paste, such as the well-known Treasure Gold. These substances can easily be mixed until they reach the right shade and applied with a soft cloth.

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