Noble look with plain or marbled surface: white linoleum

On the one hand, very light linoleum in off-white, cream-white or glossy-white shades signals hygienic conditions, which often leads to the selection of floor coverings in hospitals, laboratories or the like. In combination with facilities with the trend materials glass, metal and leather, white linoleum creates optical elegance.

Natural white and ingredients

If you prefer a bright interior and especially in functional spaces such as a kitchen appreciates a clear visual appearance, has the only natural colored flooring with white linoleum to choose from. Wood and cork must be painted to create a white surface.

Linoleum is made with natural color pigments and bright mixed ingredients. The proportion of limestone powder and light wood flour is higher for white linoleum than for darker products. The colorants used are white pigments of titanium dioxide which, depending on the dosage, produce a matt to high-gloss white.

Scratches and cracks

In terms of sensitivity, the surface of the linoleum is somewhat comparable to the surface of a varnished wood parquet. Coarse dirt such as pebbles or coarse grains of sand can cause fine scratches or cracks. The movement of sharp-edged furniture can also cut damage to the surface. In these scratches dark dirt residues can accumulate.

Modern linoleum floors have a coated surface that protects against damage and moisture. However, especially with plain-colored white soils, coarse contamination should be avoided.

Yellowing due to frosting

After the purchase and installation of linoleum, the so-called ripening appears on the white surface, which manifests itself as yellowing. This irregular color difference disappears by itself over time, with bright light accelerating the process, especially with white linoleum.

Tips & Tricks

White linoleum is very hard-wearing under normal conditions and even dropped or dripped oil and acidic liquids cause no damage. Linoleum is sensitive to cutting mechanical stress, which is less noticeable in white marbled textures.

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