Paint non-woven wallpaper

Paint non-woven wallpaper: non-woven

Properties of non-woven wallpaper
  • durable
  • hardly inflammable
  • Easy to process
  • wet and dry dimensionally stable
  • easy to remove
  • Background translucent
  • more expensive than paper wallpapers
  • more environmentally friendly than vinyl wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are growing in popularity because they are so easy to work with. In most cases it is conspicuously declared if they are overpaintable or not.

However, when you move into an apartment that has already been wallpapered, it is often difficult to find out what kind of wallpaper it is.

Unfortunately there are still many wallpapers - both non-woven wallpaper and paper wallpaper - coated with vinyl. These are not easy to paint and have the additional disadvantage of not allowing the wall to breathe.

Paint non-woven wallpaper - instructions and information

Paint non-woven wallpaper: non-woven wallpaper

Not everyone likes to use paint and brushes.


  • Fleece border for painting
  • Non-woven wallpaper web structure
  • Insulating and shut-off paint
  • emulsion paint
  • Wall color matt
  • chalk paint
  • latex paint
  • Rollers and brushes

Do you have to paint non-woven wallpaper?

A question that can not be answered simply with a yes or no. Non-woven wallpaper does not cover the surface. Especially with bright non-woven wallpaper, the color of the background seems strong. You can change that by painting over the non-woven wallpaper.

It is better, however, to prime the substrate in white pigment, so that a monochrome, white surface without stains and color differences exists.

Then a non-woven wallpaper in white or other light tones can be wallpapered without repainting them once again.

For old stock: What kind of wallpaper is?

Paint non-woven wallpaper: wallpaper

Tastes are different. If you do not like the old wallpaper, just paint it over.

Especially when moving into an already wallpapered apartment, the type of wallpaper is often not clearly recognizable.

Most commonly used are woodchip, paper or non-woven wallpapers, with both paper and non-woven wallpapers being vinyl-coated.

All wallpaper except those that are vinyl coated can be painted over.

However, for example, paper wallpapers and their glue are often not as resistant to moisture as fleece or woodchip wallpaper.

Is a check on the non-woven wallpaper necessary?

Paint non-woven wallpaper: non-woven

A wet roll is often enough to see if the wallpaper comes off.

In old stock, the recoatability must first be checked at a later not visible places. If the paint peels off, it is vinyl coated or latex paint. painted wallpaper that can not or at least not easily be painted over. This can probably be solved with primer and / or latex paint. It is recommended, however, less so because the wall so any diffusibility is missing. Better down with the vinyl wallpaper.

If your wallpaper dissolves while brushing, the case is also clear, as the problem would probably be further intensified by further brushing and increasing humidity.

However, if only some spots are loose and the rest is well-supported and resistant to moisture, then these spots can be re-glued before applying a special paste for non-woven wallpaper. After complete drying, nothing stands in the way of a coat of paint.

Paint non-woven wallpaper: wallpaper

A textured wallpaper often looks more exciting than a smooth wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpapers with structure

For a textured wallpaper, you should always vacuum all walls before painting to thoroughly remove any dust.

A textured non-woven wallpaper for a painting predestined. However, depending on the structure, it may be more difficult to really get the color into all wells. In such cases, just take a quast instead of a normal roll.

It will be particularly interesting if they roll over it with a smooth, hard role and an accent color or a slightly different color nuance.

Paint non-woven wallpaper: paint

Just paint a pattern on the wall.

Smooth smooth non-woven wallpaper

To paint a smooth non-woven wallpaper, the wall color should be of a firmer consistency and a long-pile paint roller should be used. This brings a little structure and thus more depth.

Alternatively, they can mix some fine, white quartz sand (aquarium supplies) in the wall paint, which gives a natural effect and a fine, slightly rough structure. All you need is two cups full of sand on a 10 liter bucket wall paint.

Another option would be to use a special painting technique on the smooth non-woven wallpaper to achieve a creative and exciting result.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To paint non-woven wallpaper using latex paint? But when it comes to wet areas, latex paint is an option as it does not breathe the wall. If the wallpaper is already painted with latex, you will find instructions for painting here.

Non-woven wallpaper dissolves while painting - what to do? Presumably, not the right paste was used in wallpapering or simply too little. If there are only a few spots, it is worth trying to glue them back with some paste and repaint after drying. But if it is on the ground or really a completely unsuitable paste be used, often helps only the complete removal and a fundamentally new construction with primer, etc.

Paint non-woven wallpaper: non-woven

Paint non-woven wallpaper - which color? In the reason any wall color is suitable. Pay attention to a high opacity, so that the original color does not show through.

Walls paint with non-woven wallpaper before wallpapering? Bright non-woven wallpapers often show the surface through in which case a pigmented primer coat is often recommended by the manufacturer before wallpapering. Who ignores this is usually forced to strike over.

Paint non-woven wallpaper - what role? Non-woven wallpapers are painted with the same rolls as other walls or woodchip also. Depending on the taste and structure, the rolls should be more or less long-pile or even a tassel should be used for particularly deep structures.

Author: Christiane Baldwin - Online Editor and Handyman

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