Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the Nordic walking poles comparison or test 2018

  • The right sticks are the most important equipment of the Nordic Walker: Only through their use, the upper body muscles are integrated into the movement process.
  • If you want to buy Nordic walking poles, you have the choice between fixed length and telescopic poles. Fixed-length poles are usually a bit more stable and lighter, but telescopic poles that can be adjusted in height can be used by several people and are easier to transport.
  • Particularly important is the material from which the poles are made: Carbon poles are more robust and dampen better than the cheaper alternatives made of aluminum. For the entry aluminum sticks should be sufficient.

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: walking

In recent years has become Nordic Walking more and more established as outdoor recreational sports. No wonder, here are three beautiful things to unite: fresh air, nature and fitness, According to a study by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, in 2015 there were around 3.6 million Germans (aged 14 and over) who frequently walked in their free time.

At first derided as a sport for seniors, Nordic walking has meanwhile one large number of enthusiastic supporters won. And: The stereotype that Nordic Walking is primarily operated by housewives of older age is anything but true. The sport is not only popular among people who previously hated sports, but is also as a compensatory sport professional athletes used. Especially winter sports enthusiasts use Nordic Walking as a training start for the season preparation.

So whether you are young or old, male or female, fit or untrained: Nordic Walking is suitable for everyone, The only thing you need is a good footwear and the right sticks. How you can find these and what you should pay particular attention to in the selection, you will find in the following purchase advice for our test ofNordic Walking Sticks 2018.

1. Walking sticks from the far north

Beginners beware!

To save the joints and reduce the risk of injury, we advise you to start with a few training sessions to be completed. So you also avoid making mistakes in yours from the beginning technology sneak in. In addition, Nordic Walking courses provide one good opportunity to meet new people. More information is usually available in your local sports club, Often offer too Community colleges Courses.

The outdoor sport Nordic Walking comes - as the name suggests - from the Scandinavian space, Decades ago, the concept of "walking with sticks" was used as the "concept of walking." training method used for a variety of sports. especially the cross-country skiers went up in the summer with their sticks to keep fit until the next snowfall.

Despite this long tradition, the Finn named Mauri Repo (From 1981 to 1987 head coach of the Finnish Workers' Sports Association) Nordic Walking was the first sport. His work "Hiihdon lajiosa" (English: "A part of cross-country skiing training methodic") appeared in 1979. In addition to a first definition of the sport this included a list of different reasons (physical and psychological), why athletes should practice Nordic walking, Until, however, the technical term "Nordic Walking" it took a while longer. This became internationally known only through an advertising leaflet of the Finnish company Exel, the 1997 developed the first canes and launched them on the market.

As a sport, Nordic Walking is characterized by a particular cyclic movement out. The following applies:

  • Set the left heel on, so touches the right floor the ground (and vice versa).
  • If this basic step is too boring for you, you can also do that Double-deck technology apply - here both arms are used simultaneously.
  • The sticks always guide you close to the body such as below your body's center of gravity.
  • By the use of the sticks is not only the Under-but also the upper body claimed.

The sticks are so, in addition to the right shoes, the most important piece of equipment of the Nordic Walker. Only through them the upper body muscles are included in the movement process. They have a special loop system that distinguishes them from hiking or trekking poles. The length of the pole is different. In our Comparison of Nordic Walking poles we explain to you which different categories of sticks there are. We also answer the most important questions about Nordic Walking.

2. What types of Nordic walking poles are there?

Nordic walking poles can be divided into two categories: There are sticks of fixed length and those that are height adjustable. The advantages and disadvantages of both types are summarized below.

2.1. Fixlängenstöcke

Nordic walking poles with fixed length are also called Fixlängenstöcke designated. They are available in a variety of designs, with the minimum length usually at 100 cm and the maximum length at 135 cm lies. So every Nordic Walker should be able to find the right sticks for him. Generally, fixed length sticks are considered special stable, Besides, they are often lighter as height-adjustable models.

2.2. telescopic poles

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: walking

With telescopic poles, the length can be adjusted individually.

Nordic walking poles with variable length are also called telescopic poles. They are infinitely variable and can be individually adapted to the respective wearer. The smallest adjustable length is usually around here 65 cm - And thus significantly below the minimum length of the usual fixed-length sticks. There are also many telescopic poles foldable and leave a lot wrap up easily and transport.

Below we summarize the Advantages and disadvantages of telescopic poles Compared to fixed length sticks together:

  • Adjustability makes it possible to use it by several people
  • allows individual adaptation to the terrain
  • small pack size allows comfortable transport
  • higher weight
  • higher acquisition costs
  • Adjustment mechanism is more prone to defects
  • simply processed models tend to rattle

tip: Generally we recommend sticks with a fixed length for private use. For the rental telescopic poles are well suited because they can be used by several people of different body size.

3. Purchase criteria for Nordic walking poles: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The length

The right stick length depends on yours height from. There are countless conversion tables that will give you the right stick length to your body size. However, inaccuracies often sneak in here, which can lead to your Nordic Walking poles becoming too short or too long in the end.

It's best to calculate the right length yourself. The today used formula is:

Body size (in cm) x 0.66 = ideal pole length

In the past, a factor of 0.72 was expected, but over the years the value has continued to change.

An example of length determination: A man with a body height of 1.85 m calculates 185 cm x 0.66 = 122.1 cm. So the right stick length would be about 122 cm. Since most manufacturers only use their Nordic Walking poles in Intervals of 5 cm In this case, the athlete should therefore opt for sticks with a length of 120 cm or 125 cm.

Usually, it is recommended here for the shorter version to decide. In case of doubt, however, it is always the case that the poles can be shortened afterwards, it will hardly be possible to extend them - unless you choose telescopic poles that can be individually adjusted.

3.2. The material of the shaft

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: 2018

The shaft is made of either aluminum, carbon or a carbon fiberglass mixture.

Nordic walking sticks should be as light as possible and therefore consist of materials such as aluminum, carbon or from one Carbon-fiberglass mix, At the same time, they must also be able to withstand a certain load - after all, they are exposed to heavy pressure.

Usually are higher value sticks out carbon manufactured. But this is also reflected in the price - carbon sticks can up to 100 euros costs. Cheaper models from aluminum are sometimes sufficient, but dampen worse. In addition, carbon sticks are considered more robust. Aluminum poles are often obtained for 20 Euros.

Danger: Basically we advise stronger persons to buy sturdy carbon poles, lighter persons should also be able to cope with somewhat softer carbon or carbon fiber sticks.

3.3. The handle

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: walking

High quality handles are made of natural cork.

As far as the handles of Nordic Walking poles are concerned, it is important that these Absorb sweat can and a certain slip resistance to guarantee.

Higher quality handles are out Natural cork made, because this material meets all requirements and is particularly comfortable in the hand. The only drawback: Cork grips wear off faster.

As a common alternative has a Cork imitation of rubber established. Cork imitation handles offer less comfort, but they also do not wear out so quickly and are very easy to clean.

In addition to the material plays the Shape of the handles an important role: either they are ergonomic shaped and have a slight curvature or they run just downward. The most important thing is that the handles are comfortable to encase and you feel comfortable with it.

3.4. The hand straps

When buying your personal Nordic walking poles test winner you should also make sure that these are customized adapt to your hand shape to let. Only then can a real one Stop be guaranteed.

What that material This can lead to big differences. Particularly high-quality sticks have hand loops "Mesh", an air-permeable textile mesh. It should be particularly breathable and sweat-repellent. But it is much more important that the loops do not push and you Circulate blood freely can. So the material plays a subordinate role.

At many handle loops are safety reflectors which are supposed to protect in the dark. In addition, some, usually more expensive, sticks have a so-called Quick release system with the aid of which the loops can be separated from the handle in an instant.

3.5. The tips

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: walking

Rubber pads dampen the impact on hard ground.

Cheaper models usually have tips out aluminum, higher quality sticks over hardened steel tips, The advantage of steel over aluminum is the longer service life.

When buying, make sure that the tips are light bevelled are - so they give better grip and prevent slipping. Also good to know: Most manufacturers supply different types of rubber pads With. They are attached to the bottom of the stick and form the point of contact with the ground. Rubber pads absorb the impact, e.g. on hard asphalt. On softer surfaces, a use of rubber pads is not provided.

4. The right stick insert: That's how it's done

In order to be able to train effectively, it is essential that you take the right technique Appropriately. Nordic walking may look very light but still requires a bit of practice. In addition to the speed especially the right one counts here Stock use.

The basics:

  • Shoulders are relaxed and relaxed
  • natural swing of upper body and hip
  • Feet point forward
  • Sticks are always kept close to the body
  • Hands are slightly open so that the sticks can swing forward
  • a foot always touches the ground
  • the stick then sets up when the opposite heel touches down
  • At the end of the movement, the floor is returned diagonally

In this video, you can look again at what you should pay attention to as a beginner:

5. Nordic walking poles at Stiftung Warentest

In 2005, the Stiftung Warentest Both Nordic Walking shoes and Nordic Walking poles tested (see test 8/2005). Most of the models tested tested "Well" from - even cheap Nordic walking sticks from discounters such as Aldi and Norma. The conclusion was: more than 50 Euros you do not have to spend for decent sticks. It is not always necessary to make branded sticks, e.g. from Leki, his.

Also interesting: carbon sticks tend to get better reviews as aluminum sticks. And: According to the experts of the testing institute are telescopic poles usually not as bad as they are often portrayed - especially their low pack size could sometimes prove to be very convenient.

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: nordic

6. Questions and answers around the topic Nordic Walking

6.1. What is the difference between Nordic walking and trekking poles?

Nordic walking sticks comparison 2018: sticks

Heavier and more robust than Nordic walking poles: trekking poles.

At first glance like yourself Trekking and Nordic Walking poles look very similar. If you look closer, but will realize that this is two different stick types act - after all, the sports are different.

The first difference is that mass: Trekking or hiking poles are usually heavier - but also more robust. They usually have to withstand higher loads than Nordic Walking poles. Also at material There are differences: While high-quality Nordic Walking poles are usually made of carbon or of a carbon fiberglass mixture, trekking poles are often made of aluminum.

For trekking poles it is also very important that they height adjustable are: they should be shorter on the ascent, longer on the descent. Especially on the descent trekking poles must relieve the knee and hip joints. Generally speaking: Nordic walking sticks should under no circumstance be used for hiking. You could suddenly give in and bend and thereby the fall Hazards increase.

6.2. How high is the calorie consumption during Nordic Walking?

That depends entirely on the individual requirements on - and on which one intensity you do the sport. The calorie consumption varies partially enormous and depends among other things on:

  • walking pace
  • Older
  • mass
  • gender

In following table You can compare the average calorie consumption of Nordic walking with that of other sports. Please note, however, that this is exclusively for reference values is.

Calorie consumption per hourMenwomen
Nordic Walking600411
Jogging (10 km / h)983673
horse riding437299

6.3. What is Nordic Blading?

Nordic blading will also be Nordic inline skating called and is one endurance sports, He comes, as the Nordic Walking, originally from Finland. Nordic Blades drive up Inline skates - The movements are modified by two Ski poles accompanied. Especially cross-country skiers use the sport to keep fit in the summer.

6.4. What else belongs to the Nordic Walking equipment?

In addition to the sticks count especially the Shoes, Walking shoes differ in their construction something of common jogging shoes: heel area and sole are stronger here roundedso that rolling off is particularly easy.

What the dress This should be one thing above all else: comfortable, On particularly warm days it is recommended breathable T-shirts and pants to wear. Cotton is less suitable here because it soaks up with sweat and only dries badly again. On cold or rainy days you should go to one slicker To fall back on. These too should breathable Otherwise, it will quickly warm you, you sweat and the risk of cold increases.

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