Does normal wall paint also work on wood?

Most people use modern emulsion paints to paint their walls because they are offered everywhere and are easy to work with. This color has another interesting, advantage: it adheres to many different substrates, not just on the plastered wall or the wallpaper. What about wood?

Wood as background for wall paint: is that possible?

In principle, emulsion paint can also be painted on wood, just as this type of paint, with appropriate substrate preparation, can be kept on concrete, sand-lime brick or a metal garage door. The important thing is that the surface does not suck too much.

Raw wood should therefore be better pretreated with a special wood primer; As a general pre-treatment, it is advisable to water the surface lightly and thoroughly abrade the fibers standing up after drying.

You may also want to level the wood before painting to get a smooth surface. For this purpose, special putties are offered for wood, which give a wall paint usually good grip.

These disadvantages arise when you paint wall paint on wood

If you would rather not pretreat the wood at all, but start painting immediately, the following problems may arise:

  • The wood fibers straighten up with the penetration of the wet paint and then form a rough surface.
  • The solvent is sucked into the wood too quickly, the wall paint peels off after drying.
  • The paint is not as beautiful as a paint and has clear brush and roller marks after painting.
  • Although you would probably like to preserve the wood grain, it will settle for the wall paint fillers.

As you can see, painting wall paint on wood is not without its problems, but it is certainly possible. Many a creative mind probably uses the typical optical effects of emulsion paint on wooden surfaces:

Because wall paint on wood just does not look as clean and tidy as paint, just right for a beautiful design project in shabby-chic style! After drying, the surface can still be sanded in places, to imitate the traces of use: perfect!

Tips & Tricks

With emulsion paint on wood can be wonderfully designed signs of various kinds, for example, for the front door or as individual corporate advertising. But also stroke the back of the wooden board, so that the material does not bend due to the tension!

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