Nostalgia in the garden: restoring metal garden furniture

Maintain and renovate metal garden furniture

Restore metal garden furniture

Make sure your metal garden furniture looks great while it's still warm enough to eat outside.
You can simply refresh them with a new coat of paint and make them look like new again! You probably would like to eat in your garden in winter...

material list

  • Dremel® 8200
  • SpeedClic ™ mandrel SC402
  • SpeedClic ™ Finishing Wheel 511S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Wheel 512S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Brush 471S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Brush 472S
  • SpeedClic ™ Fine Grinding Brush 473S
  • Aluminum oxide grinding wheel 541
  • Wire brush or wire brush attachment for the drill
  • metal primer
  • metal Color
  • Paintbrush or paint spray gun

Restore metal garden furniture: instructions

Restore Metal Garden Furniture: Step 1

Brush over the surface of the table and chairs with a coarse hand-wire brush to roughen it for the new coat of paint.
With a power tool and a large grinding head you can of course speed up the process.
In this way, loose layers of paint are removed, for example, rusty points around screws identified and removed moss or mold stains.

Restore metal garden furniture: instructions

Restore metal garden furniture: Step 2

Attach the SpeedClic mandrel with the SpeedClic grinding wheel (fine / medium / coarse) for sanding flat surfaces or with the SpeedClic fine sanding brush for curved or structured surfaces on the Dremel 8200. Carefully sand the outer edges of the areas where the paint has chipped off. Remove any rust with your Dremel 8200 (alumina abrasive disc). In this way, you get a perfectly smooth surface that you can paint over.

Restore Metal Garden Furniture: Step 3

Apply metal primer to affected areas.

Restore metal garden furniture: instructions

Restore Metal Garden Furniture: Step 4

Paint the furniture in a beautiful color with a paintbrush or spray gun - we've chosen a dazzling turquoise tone in tune with this year's bright garden trend colors - and your new garden furniture set is ready for extended weekend meals in bright sunshine.


Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

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