Paint nostalgic ornaments on the stairs

Beautiful paintings make old stairs again a real eye-catcher, nostalgic ornaments are in the first place. The hobby artist finds templates in old pattern books from the antique shop, but also partly on the internet. But how do you best bring these patterns up the stairs? Read how your staircase becomes an ornamented gem!

Create ornament templates

An elaborate but worthwhile method to paint ornaments on a staircase is the use of self-made templates. Suitable materials are both cardboard and stable film.

The motif is picked up or drawn by hand with a pencil, then neatly cut out with a scalpel. Be careful not to create any narrow webs in the template that could break.

Also work on a cut-resistant surface, for example on a solid wooden board. Then dab your ornament with a dry ring brush through the template on the stairs.

Draw motives freely on the stairs

Of course, you can also paint your motives on the stairs. However, we recommend that you draw pencil lines in pencil first, so that at the end everything fits exactly. Even outlines applied with tracing paper are suitable as a blueprint for your artwork.

Larger motifs, for example on the visible side of the stairs, can also be thrown onto the surface with the beamer. Then simply draw the most important outlines and fill out the contours in color as you like.

Motive suggestions for the self-painted stairs

  • classic: stylized lilies and vine leaves
  • musical: notes and clefs
  • flowery: lively floral patterns and flowering tendrils
  • calligraphic: stylish captions
  • cute: sleeping or great baby animals
  • cool: bright pop art motifs

Just make sure that your newly painted staircase to your other room ambience - and to you! - fits. Many a bookworm has already transformed the vertical risers into book spines and immortalized his favorite book titles.

Tips & Tricks

Cover your finished work with a durable protective varnish so that it will not be damaged. Preferably use high quality transparent stair lacquer.

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