Information on fire hazard of dishwashers

It should never be forgotten that a dishwasher is a household electrical appliance that requires power, water and heat, things that are always dangerous together and that, in addition to the risk of electric shock, also present a certain fire hazard.

Electricity, water, heat

Anyone who has ever looked at a dishwasher from the inside will find even a layman a variety of cables, hoses and other pipe connections. There are also components such as instantaneous water heaters (with new appliances) or heating elements that are even open (at the bottom of the dishwasher). But even children learn at school that heat and power lines or electricity and water in combination are very dangerous.

High safety standards...

Therefore, the manufacturers of dishwashers must meet high requirements when producing equipment. The safety standards are extremely high and new products are being checked thoroughly by brand manufacturers over a long period of time under a variety of circumstances. That is why most consumers, especially branded devices, expect the highest level of security.

... who are suffering because of the price pressure

But in times when consumers decide on the purchase price, above all the amount of purchase prices, it does not make things easier for brand manufacturers either. Above all, the time required for security tests suffers from this in order to be able to produce economically. This is probably the case with a whole range of branded dishwashers, all of which belong to Bosch and Siemens.

A faulty relay increases the fire risk of dishwashers

Some devices have a relay that tends to overheat, causing a fire. Unfortunately, the problem seems to have been known for some time. In other words, it can not be explained that the affected companies recalled around half a million dishwasher sales in the United States back in 2009. In Germany and other countries worldwide (including countries like Thailand), a major recall was launched in 2013.

Only in Germany up to 2 million affected dishwashers!

However, the figures in Germany alone are unmistakable when it comes to describing a potential risk. On the one hand, devices produced between 1999 and 2004 may be at risk from fire, which is quite a long period of time. On the other hand, according to Bosch-Siemens only up to two million dishwashers are affected by the fire hazard in Germany.

These dishwashers increase the risk of fire

However, other brands also belong to the group. This extends the risk of fire danger accordingly. Among other things, the dishwashers of the following manufacturers may be affected:

  • Bosch
  • Constructa
  • Junker + Ruh
  • Neff
  • Siemens

You need this dishwasher data

In order to know whether you can exclude your dishwasher or, if it is affected, you need the following numbers:

  • serial number
  • model number
  • lot number

Siemens-Bosch offers repair or discount

All information can be found on the front door either on the top side or on the left side of the door. Bosch-Siemens gives you the choice between a free repair or a 20 percent discount on the purchase price when purchasing another device from the Group. Although many consumer protection organizations recommend the repair.

However, considering that the first devices were already 15 years old in 2014, it is worth thinking about a discount. After all, in addition to the power consumption and the water consumption of dishwashers in recent years can be significantly reduced.

Tips & Tricks

The Bosch-Siemens Group has set up free service numbers to let you know immediately if your dishwasher is affected by the various numbers on the machine: 00800-19081908 and 0800-9060100. In addition, the website // was set up. There you can enter the numbers and also find out immediately if your dishwasher is affected.

So that you can also rule out a fundamental risk of fire, we recommend our guide "Connecting a dishwasher".

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