Notes on the use of screed leveling compound

Uneven screed can often be found in old buildings, but also in basements or other areas may have height differences due to improper installation of screed. Before laying floor coverings or covering with tiles or natural stone floors, however, the screed must first be completely leveled and leveled. If the differences in height are not too great, it is best to use balancing weights. By far the most commercial balancing weights allow a leveling of differences up to a maximum of 1 centimeter, some products can also be used to compensate for differences in height up to 3 centimeters in total. The great advantage of balancing weights is that they are self-leveling - that is, there is no manual removal with the spirit level is required, which is why the work with balancing weights can also be carried out easily by the handyman himself.

Requirements for the application of balancing weights

On the one hand, the screed floor to be leveled must be clean, completely dry and dust-free, on the other hand also free of cracks and cracks. If cracks are present, they must first be closed in a non-positive manner with a special filling compound based on resin and completely dry off. As already mentioned, you should only use leveling compound up to height differences of up to 3 centimeters - in everything that goes beyond that, only balancing with a layer of screed makes sense. The temperature in the room must be much higher than the freezing point when applying the leveling compound; sufficient, draft-free ventilation helps with drying.

Important information for working with leveling compounds

There must not be any dust on the screed floor, it must also be completely dry. Before applying the leveling compound, it is always necessary to apply a primer which is suitable for both the screed floor and the leveling compound used. This primer can be easily spread with a broom. Before the leveling compound is released, the primer has just dried a bit, then the best results are achieved. An edge insulation strip is always necessary if a floating screed is to be leveled. After applying the leveling compound, it must be ventilated with a nail wood so that no bubbles are created underneath the material.

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