Now plant strawberries for next year

Now plant strawberries for next year: garden

Now spread strawberry plants for the next year

Home gardeners, who like to eat strawberries from their own garden, should already be thinking about their own strawberry harvest next season.

In order to harvest strawberries in the garden next year, it is recommended from now on by 10th of August at the latest to plant the new fruits. According to the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia, green plants are suitable, which are cleared directly from the propagation bed.

Alternatively, potted green plants have been offered by many garden centers for several years. Because they do not lose roots when they are being cut, they grow more reliably - especially in warm weather.

Now plant strawberries for next year: garden

Do not plant strawberry plants in the same bed as in the previous year.

Important is an early planting date until the 10th of Augustto secure good returns for the following year. Only a strong plant can create enough flower buds for the upcoming harvest season.

For a successful strawberry plantation, a humus-rich, sandy loam soil without waterlogging and compaction should be selected. Strawberries should be planted in rotation, which means strawberries should not be planted on the same site as last year. Ideal is a three- to five-year cultivation break. Strawberries should also not follow directly after potatoes, as these transmit a root disease.

For the cultivation of strawberries and other summer berries in their own garden, robust varieties should be used. There are varieties such as Darroyal, Sonata, Ellianny or the late Florence. When selecting plant material it is recommended to use recognized brand strawberry planting stock, as these propagating stocks are controlled independently by the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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