The terraced house - what are the running costs?

When buying a house, not only the acquisition but also the running costs are important. In this article you will find out how high the running costs can be in an average terraced house and where you can save.

Change: From rent to own possession

Most people are happy when they finally move from their old apartment to their own home. No wonder: not only more freedom of design, but well calculable costs, a long-term investment and associated rent increases clearly speak for the purchase.

But with the own possession now running costs are connected, which did not exist before it: Although tenants have to pay heating or hot water costs, however, do not raise money for the maintenance, renovation or renovation of the building; this is usually the landlord responsible.
The following list shows typical costs per square meter per month. Of course there are strong deviations of these prices nationwide, which depend on region and real estate.

The terraced house - what are the running costs?: costs

Cost overviewprice
1. Heating0,80 EUR / sq m / month
2. Water and sewage0,45 EUR / sq.m. / month
3. hot water0,25 EUR / sq m / month
4. Property tax0,15 EUR / sq.m. / month
5. Insurance0,15 EUR / sq.m. / month
6. Other0,20 EUR / sqm / month
total2,00 EUR / sqm / month

Based on these guideline values ​​you can calculate which operating costs a row house part causes monthly. If we assume 100 square meters of living space, it would be € 200.00. But with these costs, you are not yet at the end of your running costs: For any damage or renovations you should every month a certain amount covered, so as not to suddenly face a huge sum.

How can I lower the operating costs?

As you can see from the list, most of the monthly maintenance costs of your terraced house are based on heating costs. You can save money by consciously paying attention to your energy consumption and trying to avoid wasting energy. Also, you can control the water consumption, as well as a comparison of the different insurance is recommended.

Tips & Tricks

Regularly compare your electricity and gas providers to get the lowest possible price. In many cases, the savings through skillful comparison are so high that they are clearly noticeable at the end of the year.

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