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Number images combine two important activities for children: first, they must connect the numbers in the correct order, and then they can color the resulting motifs. So the little ones learn to deal with numbers and train their creative streak.

Therefore, you will find here numerous free number images for printing. We have compiled pictures on a variety of topics: from classic animal pictures to Garfield, the Smurfs and Shrek.

Contents to the topic Number pictures

  • Number pictures with animals
  • Number pictures with cartoon motifs
  • Number images with mixed motifs
  • Number pictures for Christmas
  • Number pictures for Easter
  • Number pictures to the autumn

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  • horses
  • princesses
  • Fairy tales and stories
  • Disney
  • flowers
  • autumn
  • Christmas

Number pictures with animals

  • Duck "

    with numbers from 1 - 48
  • Duck "

    with numbers from 1 - 50
  • Penguin "

    on an ice floe
  • Lion "

    against a cloudy background, level 2
  • Lion "

    dear smiling lion with big mane
  • Lion "

    Lion with a big mane coloring page as PDF file for download
  • Mouse "

    cute motive with smiling mouse
  • Mouse "

    with flowers
  • Mouse "

    with big ears
  • Crane "

    in front of beautiful panorama background
  • Little cow "

    smiling and with flowers
  • Squirrel "

    with reddish brown fur, level 2
  • Squirrel "

    with numbers from 1 to 95

Number pictures with cartoon motifs

  • Elephants "

    with soap bubbles
  • Mouse "

    cute motive with smiling mouse
  • Mouse "

    with flowers

Number images with mixed motifs

  • Propeller plane "

    with numbers from 1 - 41
  • Railway "

    with big cloud of smoke
  • Plane "

    with numbers from 1 - 20
  • Noah's Ark "

    biblical motif with Noah's Ark
  • Candle "

    Motif with numbers from 1 - 61
  • Starry sky "

    cute motive with smiling moon and stars
  • Oil lamp "

    Motif of a Thousand and One Nights

Number pictures for Christmas

  • Iceflower "

    Christmas snow crystal
  • Branch "

    Christmas motive with a branch
  • Donkey "

    suitable for the Christmas story
  • Smiling snowman "

    with flowers
  • Snowman and Iceflower "

    Christmas motive
  • Number picture "Big and small Santa Claus" "

    Number picture for coloring: Christmas motive with big and small Santa Claus
  • Big Christmas package "

    Number picture with a big Christmas present
  • Decorated Christmas tree "

    Christmas motive
  • Coloring page "Santa Claus"

    Maze and coloring page with Santa Claus.
  • Coloring page "Santa Claus"

    Coloring picture and labyringht with funny Santa Claus

Number pictures for Easter

  • Little rabbits "

    Number picture with little bunny in an Easter basket
  • Squirrel, bird and butterflies "

    Funny number picture with animals and easter eggs
  • Easter Bunny "

    Number picture with Easter bunny, easter egg and clouds in the background for coloring.
  • Easter Bunny "

    Number picture with easter bunny holding up an easter egg.
  • Easter Bunny "

    Number picture with easter bunny holding an easter egg in hand.
  • Rabbit and squirrel "

    Easter motive
  • Easter hen "

    Hen due to Easter
  • Lamb "

    Number picture with a little lamb suitable for Easter.
  • Chicken "

    matching motif for Easter with a chicken
  • Easter eggs "

    to connect and paint colorful
  • Little Easter Bunny "

    Easter bunny with long ears as a number image for coloring.

Number pictures to the autumn

  • Autumn leaves "

    which blow through the air
  • Sheet "

    suitable for the fall
  • Loaf "

    Thanksgiving motive for the autumn time
  • Fruit plate "

    autumnal motif for Thanksgiving time

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