Nursery plants in the container

Nursery plants in the container: container

... and on: Planting times are autumn and spring, autumn better than spring. Until the beginning of the 80s there were two planting times: the more important one was the autumn and then in the spring. Although there were already container plants, but non-planting was not planted anyway.

Only in the beginning of the 80sNurseries and garden centers have tried to sell trees in the summer. Today it is unthinkable to sell nursery plants only in autumn and spring. "Container" means: the plants are pulled from the outset in a container, so a pot with at least two liters of content and just not later dug from the field and wrapped in a ball cloth or pressed into a shipping container.

Nursery plants in the container: container

nursery-1 were suddenly attractive plants and qualities that previously grew bad as bales or from the shipping pot and also often looked at the usual planting times less appealing. The best example of this is the outdoor hibiscus, which looks very inconspicuous at planting time and was also expensive. Through the culture in the container you could offer them to the flowering time and be sure that they continue to grow unhindered. So it became interesting, even during the summer months to sell nursery plants. As a result, the sales cages before the hypermarkets disappeared in the aftermath.

Nursery plants in the container: nursery

With the offered qualities it was often very difficult. The Customers thought they were cheap to buy and actually paid dearly. Hardly anyone knows how to differentiate good and less good plant qualities. Well, you will think, even small, measly plants will grow into large plants anyway. That is only partly true: Einstein does not come from an auxiliary school, so how can a lousy breed become a proud plant? It depends on the nursery and that must be good. That's why our nursery plants come from traditional Ammerland farms.

It gets really bad, though Container plants pretended although there are none. This happens quite often, simply by digging plants out of the field and either putting on a ball-cloth or stuffing them in a container.

Nursery plants in the container: container

It is just as wrong to quickly grow up outdoor crops in greenhouses, or to take a young plant and then sell it as a balcony plant. Most buyers believe they can buy a plant suitable for the balcony, in fact they receive it a mostly high-school young plant, which later becomes many meters high and still does not have the variety-typical growth.

Plants need space for good growth, enough space. If action goods are produced, it makes economic sense to have as many plants as possible on the square meter, but the plants also look appropriate: too narrow, too thin, shot up. This can be seen in the plants for years.

The Price-performance ratio is quite rare in these action plants, because cheap plants often take many years to overcome the shock of their nursery. The plants in this picture both have the same claim: Picea glauca "Conica" in the container, plant size 30 to 40 cm, but of course not the same price. In fact, the right plant should have a different name: Picea glauca "Rachitii".

Nursery plants in the container: nursery

How do you recognize a good container nursery plant? Now quite simply: On the type-typical growth and well-rooted plant pot, which must have a content corresponding to the plant size. Picture: vergle-2 A cone-shaped cypress can not be cylindrical, there is something wrong with the cultivation and a forsythia with 2 shoots can not be a quality plant, even if it stands on the large color picture.

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