Edit oak wood

Oak is considered the highest quality wood we have in our latitudes. It is especially hard and stable. What effect that has on the processing of oak wood, and what things you have to pay attention to, you will learn in this post.

Hardness of oak

Oak is a particularly hard and especially heavy wood. The hardness, however, only leads to minor problems when processing oak wood.

Sign of hardness

Gray-colored pieces of wood are usually an indication of a variety with even greater hardness than the usual Sommereiche or German oak. In principle, however, one can expect a relatively high degree of hardness in all types of oak wood, and should always choose the tools accordingly.

Sandblast oak

Again and again the question arises whether one can not sandblast oak wood carefully. In the question, the experts divide, but in principle, it is also in the professional catering sector assume that this is a dangerous venture with an uncertain outcome. Soft spots in the wood can suddenly (undesirably) become visible, and in general, sandblasting is always particularly difficult for species with large pores (such as oak), and the result is usually not very attractive.

surface treatment

Oak wood basically allows all possible surface treatments. Only when applying a covering coat of paint must be sanded more thoroughly than other types of wood. But there are also some special processing options for oak wood:

  • double pickling
  • Smoking (so-called smoked oak)
  • Limed oak

double pickling

For double stains are chemical stains, in which the two components "Vorbeize" and "Nachbeize" are summarized in a mordant. The Vorbeize increases the tannic acid occurrence in the wood artificially, the Nachbeize then leads to a more intense color. After a while, these stains will reach their full color effect on the wood. Double stains are mainly used in oak, less in other types of wood.


The term "smoking" is a bit misleading because in reality the wood is steamed with ammonia vapor. Alternatively, ammonia (ammonia water) can also be used. The vapor reacts with the tannic acid contained in the wood and darkens the wood.

Limed oak

For liming, particularly large-pored wood species are suitable, including oak wood. Learn more about liming in our special article

Tips & Tricks

Smoked oak can be a very good choice for the floor. The smoking process makes the otherwise rather brittle oak even more elastic, which is an advantage especially in floor construction.

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