Paint oak - is this advisable?

Oak is considered our most valuable and highest quality domestic hardwood. Whether it is advisable to paint oak wood, and what you should pay attention when Steichen in any case, you will learn in detail in this post.

Preserve the character of the oak

Oak has a very beautiful and through the coarse pores very rustic-looking grain. A painting leaves this drawing completely disappear under the paint color. Glazing would be a solution (at least a part of the character of the wood will be preserved), but in oak, liming is much better if you want to change the color.

Pickling as an alternative

If you like wood shades but do not like the dark oak color, you may also be able to pick a stain solution. Stain is available in different wood tones. In addition, shades are possible. In general, a hardwood like oak usually needs several layers of stain, but usually provides a nice and very uniform staining result, because of its balanced structure. Always make sure that you only use a stain suitable for oak - stains are always exactly matched to the respective wood species and wood constituents.

Suitable grinding before pickling

Always keep in mind that coarser sanding means that the wood will pick up more stain, a finer sanding will result in significantly less pickling.

Covering and non-covering coatings

Some paintings are opaque, others are not. Of particular importance is the diffusion-openness of a paint. Diffusion-open coatings allow water vapor to escape from the wood to the outside, but diffusion-resistant (completely opaque) coatings do not.

Important when painting oak

  • Always sand surfaces sufficiently deep enough
  • Always grind repeatedly, carefully remove the grinding dust
  • Use primer
  • paint best in several thin layers, in between finely grind (180 grit

How to grind?

Basically you should start with 60 grit. Then you can sand with 120 grit. With oiled and waxed wood you have to grind to the untreated wood core. Since oils and waxes can penetrate relatively deeply, a removal of about 1 - 2 mm is generally essential. This can make some trouble with hard oak, so it is best to use a grinder.

Tips & Tricks

You can lime oak as well as varnish only when coarse wood. Any coatings and clearcoats, as well as waxes and oils must also be completely removed by sanding before limescale.

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