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Did you know where the name "Obi" came from? Remember the word "hobby" and pronounce it in French. Already you have the brand name. The two German obi-founders Emil Lux and Manfred Maus bought this word mark for 3000 Francs French investors and made the brand famous. Today Obi is one of the most common brand names in Germany.

Obi is actually an American. At least the concept: In America, one began to combine many small specialty shops into a large one and thereby bundle everything in one place. Lux and Maus took over this idea for the German market and built the first Obi market in 1970 in Hamburg-Poppenbüttel.

They have continued to expand, with the result that Obi hardware stores are currently in 10 countries, with a total workforce of 38,000.

Let's see how the operators today deal with the famous name and what the little beaver stands for in the logo.

number of stores

530 stores in 13 countries
330 in Germany

product range

At Obi you will find between 40,000 and 60,000 items, depending on the store. Obi is mainly aimed at home improvement, even if it is advertised that even professional craftsmen find everything at Obi. Here are articles from the areas garden, building materials and components, as well as tools, sanitary accessories and interior decoration offered.

For which customer type suitable?

Building Professionals


Mix colors
Mortgage Service
gift voucher
wood cutting
Rental equipment
key service

Special additional offers
While the commercial services in an Obi market may not match those of the competition, Obi offers more specialized services that require a special mention.

B.O.S.: You want to build your own new house? Obi is at your side with help and advice

Obi Küchenstudio: Now you can also plan your kitchen down to the last detail with Obi and get advice directly on how to best implement it.

Renovation service: You would like to have your apartment renovated? Obi will pass you on to reputable professional craftsmen.

Practical Courses: You Lay a Laminate Flooring for the First Time? You want to know how to use a drill best? Then just visit an Obi practice course. You will always learn something.

Obi-Top-Kundenkarte: As a regular Obi customer, you can expect 10% off everything. However, you must first spend € 2,500 (5% off) or € 5,000 (10% off) in an Obi hardware store.

Social media

In the field of social media, we are testing to what extent and how far DIY stores are dealing with and engaging in the medium of the Internet. Do you have profiles on Facebook and Twitter? How is a homepage ordered? And is there a service beyond that, e.g. a shop where you can rent tools?

Obi on the Web:

Online shop: pre-order rental equipment
Twitter profile: Not available
Facebook profile: Not available in German

Spots, advertising, slogans
Rhythmic pounding and clapping, to the beat of "We will rock you" by Queen, matching text sung to it, and you already have a commercial that not only makes a splash, but also stays in the ear.

Obi is upbeat, creative, maybe even a little surprising. But it works. One does not forget the slogan "who knows what obi" so fast. And the whole thing works without being striking.

The second commercial also uses the surprise effect. Especially catchy here is the title: "That's awesome".

Self-confidence comes from another well-known slogan from Obi when it says, "Je Obi, the better." Obi is very sensitive to accessibility. With simple modifications of well-known sayings one does not forget the Obi advertising so fast. The advertising department has done a great job.

Positively noticed

Special special services
Even though the service offer does not seem so big at first glance as it does at other hardware stores, it becomes clear at second glance that Obi tries to offer a service that others do not have. This succeeds by variety: Do you want to plan only the kitchen or the whole house with Obi? And should you still be taught a few home improvement basics? Obi will help you in any case. Model prison!

Homepage can be seen

The good service impression is continued by the beautifully designed homepage. Offers, service overview, store search. Everything available. The menu is clear and structured. Praiseworthy website.

Online shop

The younger handyman generation can look forward to: Obi is one of the few DIY stores that offer an online store. If you want to rent a device in the future that you only need once, you can pre-order it via the shop. Welcome to the 21st century.

Dense branch network

You will probably always find an obi in your area. OK then.

Many instructions for the DIY in the offer

Even though Obi is competing with our beautiful portal, it is highly praiseworthy that Obi puts its own instructions on the Internet and that customers can replicate them. And competition finally revives the business...

Catchy advertising

Creative, beautiful, catchy and funny advertising. That's what Obi stands for. Hard to do better.

Negatively noticed

Comparatively small product range
With just under 60,000 items Obi can only compete with practitioners. All other big chains offer much more. The question arises, if you actually always find everything in an Obi hardware store, what you need right now.

Fluctuating offer range in the branches

Depending on the branch you will find a different number of products. This makes the chance even smaller to find exactly what you are looking for.

Social media is not used

Nice homepage, finally an online shop. The website of Obi initially appears very positive. Unfortunately, social media are not used. Tweet is not at all, and who wants to make friends with Obi on Facebook, which should speak Czech. At the first good impression we hoped for more.


Obi tries a little differently than the other hardware stores: Exclusive service, building instructions on offer, beautiful website and advertising that you will not forget so quickly. Especially praiseworthy: You can rent equipment via an online shop.

Unfortunately you can not always be sure that you will find the products you are looking for. And social media seems to have heard nothing at Obi yet.

Obi offers things that other hardware stores can not offer. Model prison! You save on social media service and offer a rather small product range. Nevertheless, everyone should feel at home with Obi. Thank the beavers.

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