Natural and old - roof shingles made of wood

Especially roofed areas covered with wooden shingles are known from alpine regions such as Tyrol. The types of wood used are larch, oak, cedar, spruce and beech. Modern impregnation techniques and professional assembly allow roof shingles made of wood today in lower layers.

Wood species and colors

A unique flair is wooden shingles own. The slotted panels are laid either in geometrically uniform shapes and sizes on the roof, which especially fits in with modern architecture. The use of irregularly wide shingles creates a more rustic optical character.

Most widespread are shingles from the larch, cedar and spruce trees. The most expensive shingles are made of oak. Beech wood is only conditionally suitable and must be very thoroughly impregnated. The colors range from reddish-light-brown larch shingles over red cedar to gray-brown spruce and beech.

Processing and installation

The roof shingles made of wood, especially in wooded areas and in humid weather conditions must be prepared very thoroughly and covered professionally.

  • Roof shingles made of larch, beech and spruce should always be pretreated with a boiler pressure impregnation using salt.
  • The roof shingles must not contain sapwood, which is very susceptible to weathering and decay.
  • The roof covering should be covered in a maximum of three layers and the rear ventilation should work constantly to ensure regular drying out.
  • The thickness of the individual shingles made of wood for most products is up to ten millimeters at the bottom, to twelve millimeters is possible.
  • Each roof shingle can be rounded at the lower end and forms a scale pattern in the laying bandage. Straight lower edges create a "more natural" visual appearance.
    • Examples of prices

      • At roof shingles made of larch wood are offered for the three-layer covering for square meter prices between 35 and 42 euros.
      • At American red cedar is available in different quality grades from around thirty euros per square meter.
      • Under the Bund Dachschindeln from spruce is available from 16.90 euros, resulting in a price per square meter of about eight euros.

      Tips & Tricks

      Normally, manufacturers and distributors of wooden roof shingles offer their products in bundle form. The resulting square footage depends on the size of the shingle and the row spacing.

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