Cleaning the conservatory - some tricks

When cleaning the conservatory from the inside and outside is gently the keyword. No chemical cleaning products should be used in the conservatory. The sensitive materials like corrosive cleaners as little as the plants in the conservatory.

Chemical cleaners are taboo

In the conservatory, no chemical cleaners should be used. This room should be reserved for relaxation and recreation. Deep inhalation of clean, fresh air is part of this recovery.

Microfiber and detergent

For this reason, dishwashing detergents and microfibre cloths in combination with lukewarm water are the best choice both for the interior cleaning and for the external cleaning of the winter garden. The main part of the job is certainly in window cleaning.

For this purpose, in addition to the detergent and lukewarm water a puller is helpful, which prevents banding.

For the covering, if this is also made of glass or clear plastic, a telescope style with a microfibre sponge is very good. You should also do without chemical cleaners. The gutter can be flushed out on this occasion.

Clean and maintain seals

If the seals are rubbed off with a slightly damp microfiber cloth, they can be lightly rubbed with a little petroleum jelly or glycerine. This prevents the formation of cold bridges, because the seals remain soft and flexible.

What needs to be cleaned in the conservatory

  • window
  • covering
  • Radiators or appliances - Open and clean the floor duct heater
  • Window and door seals
  • Inner frame of windows and doors - flush drainage holes for moisture
  • gutters
  • floor

Tips & Tricks

If you need to clean a large conservatory on a regular basis, a steam cleaner is a practical investment that is guaranteed to pay off. The most suitable are devices that clean the windows inside and outside with different attachments, as well as the floor and the radiators. Unfortunately, you should not save here and buy a device with a larger water tank. Otherwise, you will need to let the device cool down in the middle of the work to be able to top up with water.

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