To visually and technically repair an office chair

An office chair on wheels has some moving parts that can break. Classical are damage to the lifting mechanism, the rollers and the backrest attachment. Optical wear and damage can be eliminated by polishing, padding and possibly a new cover. The effort is very different.

Optical repairs

  • Spent or dirty covers

If shampooing is no longer sufficient to make the appearance as desired again, a new referencing of the office chair helps. Typical types of fastening are:

  • Upholstery fabric stapled by staples at the bottom or rear of the seating and Lehnflächen
  • Glued fabric
  • Upholstery fabric stretched on removable trays

Disassembling the office chair is limited to removing and removing the old covers. The restocking is done by the same means as encountered.

  • Damaged upholstery on seat and backrest surfaces

For holes or very irregularly shaped upholstery, it is recommended to replace it with a complete new filling. The thickness and the degree of elasticity can be adjusted according to personal seating comfort requirements.

  • Scratches and embossing on the frame

Metal racks can be worked up well with polishes. For painting, the lift element of the gas spring and the rollers must be taped. Spray paint reduces the workload.

Technical repairs

Lifting mechanism defective

If the seat height is no longer stable, the gas spring of the office chair can be replaced. First, it must be checked whether the spring cylinder has sagged or broken in the Kreuzfuß. Insertable anti-slip mats can also fix the old still functioning new gas spring.

Control lever bent or broken

In most cases, a damaged lever is the easiest way to "save" with an attached extension. A suitable plastic or metal pipe section is filled with hardening resin and attached.

Block roles

Rollers are unscrewed and replaced counterclockwise when thorough cleaning has failed.

Squeaking and shaking

If the office chair squeaks or wobbles, lubricants should be used with restraint. Already turning springs and other moving parts can eliminate the phenomena. Even a warming with a hair dryer is worth a try.

Maintenance care

To prevent technical defects, regular checks and tightening of all screws and connections are recommended.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a defect in one or more rollers, you should always replace the complete set.

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