Office chair squeaks or develops other disturbing noises

If an office chair squeaks, the cause can be found in any moving part or attachment. Often a readjustment or the insertion of an insulating adjuvant is sufficient. Lubricants should be handled with care as they can damage both clothing and technical functionality.

Try without disassembly

Noise development when using an office chair is often not a pure squeak. Mostly a mixture of squeaks, creaks and creaks can be heard, in which squeaking represents the highest form of increase. All resulting "operating noise" should be investigated as soon as possible.

Generally, the elimination is divided into two phases. The complete chair can be maintained without installation intervention or components are individually lubricated or insulated after disassembly. Before dismantling the following possible sources of noise should be located:

  • All fittings
  • All moving parts such as rotating rod and lever
  • padding noise
  • Gas spring or screw thread
  • Single roles

After tightening all screws and other fasteners, a noise intermediate test should be carried out.

Use lubricant

Suitable lubricants are penetrating oil, Teflon oil or WD 40 or Caramba. They should only be applied in the normal standing position of the office chair. Due to gravity, the lubricant sinks into the wetted areas, joints and slits during oiling. Tight dosages avoid soiling on floors and clothing.

If the gas spring has proven to be a source of squeaking, only very little lubricant may be applied. A thin film on the lift element can help, while too much can affect the fixation of the height adjustment.

Insert insulation aids

When the chair creaks or creaks at the mounts on the seat base, plastic washers or small inlaid leather rings help. They prevent the direct rubbing of work materials on each other. For this purpose, the screws must be solved during repair. This procedure should be considered after a shake test.

Should one or more rolls of the office chair develop noises, they can also be lubricated with penetrating oil after thorough cleaning. When changing roles, a complete replacement is recommended to eliminate noise due to unevenness.

Tips & Tricks

In rarer cases, you can reduce the squeaking to the gas spring. In this case, you must replace the component.

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