Often indispensable: the gutter protection against foliage

Three types of gutter protection against leaves are available. The gutters are single attachments that are placed over the drainage points in the gutter. The most consistent solution is complete lattice or mesh covers. Leaf brooms that are inserted into the gutter complete the foliage protection devices.

Plastic and aluminum spread

Channel screens are dome-shaped wire mesh hats, which are placed over the gutter gutters. They prevent clogging of drains by seeping leaves, but do not protect the rest of the gutter course.

Leaf brooms are mounted on a bendable metal band bristles that protrude at a 360-degree angle. They are inserted in the gutters. Wet and damp leaves remain hanging on the bristle tips and blow after drying.

Model types and functionalities

Complete covering of the gutters represents the most complete protection against foliage. The trade offers from flat perforated plates to any formable wire mesh up to bars made of plastic or metal to a variety of products.

Plastic grids with click technology are very easy to assemble. The mostly flat on the upper side of the gutter running grid are fixed with lateral clamps on the edges of the gutter. They can be easily removed at any time, for example to wash sand out of the gutter or to carry out repairs.

Rigid steel sheets and flat metal grids are usually mounted as solid gutter protection against foliage and soldered or glued to it. These guards are either attached to the edges of the gutter or inserted into the gutter. They are invisible in the usual view of gutters.

Bendable and flexible wire meshes are usually bent semicircular upward to allow the fallen leaves to slide off. Following the principle of rabbit fencing, the shape can be redesigned according to need and function.

price ranges

  • The running meter of flexible wire mesh is available from three euros per meter.
  • With steel sheets and grids, the price depends mainly on the material. Zinc and titanium zinc cost from eight, stainless steel and copper from twenty euros per meter.

Tips & Tricks

Keep in mind that flat grids or sheets may be covered when the amount of foliage is high and the water inlet is restricted by the roof.

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