Remove oil or grease stains from the wall

When cooking, some grease will splash out of the pan. If your wall is tiled, the grease splashes can be easily removed with a little detergent, but what about grease stains on a wallpapered wall? How do you remove them?

These home remedies help with greasy stains on the wall

  • Iron and blotting paper
  • baking powder
  • baby powder
  • food starch
  • a fresh potato

Grease stains on vinyl wallpaper or waterproof wall paint, you can simply wash with a little warm water and detergent. For other wall colors and wallpaper types, follow the steps below.

Remove fresh and old grease and oil stains from the wall step by step

  • Blotting paper or another thin, absorbent cloth or paper
  • a potato or one of the dry home remedies mentioned above
  • An iron (no steam iron!) Or a hair dryer

1. heating

Grease stains on the wall must be absorbed and for this the fat must be liquid.

The best and easiest way is to place a blotter on the wall over the stain and iron over it with an iron. Then place a grease-free piece of blotting paper over the stain and iron again. Repeat the process until no new grease stains form on the paper.

If you do not have an iron on hand, you can also use a hair dryer to liquefy the stain. In this case, do not put blotting paper on the stain, just warm it up with the warm air and then proceed immediately with step 2.

2. Apply potato or streaky porridge

Cut off a piece of your fresh potato and stroke the cut side several times over the stain. Then wait until the water has evaporated and the remaining starch has sucked the fat out of the wall.

Then remove the remaining starch with a brush or a dry cloth. Repeat the process as needed.

Instead of potato, you can also use potato starch, baking powder or baby powder: Mix the powder with a little water to make a tough slurry and spread it on the stain. Also wait here for the water to evaporate and then remove the remainder of the powder.

Tips & Tricks

If you have many or very large areas of grease or oil on the wall, it may be better to paint over them. Be sure to use a well-covering color or apply a primer first. To avoid re-contamination, you should apply a waterproof paint that you can easily clean with water or tile your wall!

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