Remove oil stains from the carpet

Dripping some olive oil on the carpet when eating in front of the TV, the trouble is great: grease stains are so difficult to remove! And the carpet was expensive! But both fresh and old oil stains can often be completely removed from the carpet with the right means.

These home remedies help with oil stains on the carpet

  • Potato starch, baby powder, baking powder or talc
  • Iron and blotting paper
  • Carpet cleaner and steam cleaner
  • Detergents, dishwashing or more aggressive degreaser such as benzine or turpentine

Instructions 1: Remove fresh oil stains from the carpet

  • vacuum cleaner
  • brush
  • Baby powder, potato starch or similar
  • sufficiently absorbent pulp paper
  • Dishwashing or other fat-dissolving agent

1. Absorb

Once the mishap has just happened, immediately place a piece of tissue paper on the stain and lightly press it. If it has been soaked with grease, place a fat-free area on the oil stain and press again. Just press the paper and do not wipe over the stain so as not to spread it.

If the paper no longer absorbs oil, generously cover the area with one of the above powders and gently squeeze it.

Let it act for about 10 minutes and then vacuum it up with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Wet process

Mix a little washing-up liquid and warm water, moisten the place carefully (do not use too much water!) And lightly brush in the mixture.

Then soak up the water with the dissolved oil with a tissue paper or a cotton cloth.

Repeat the process until the stain disappears. From time to time, vacuum up as much liquid as possible with dry pulp or a cotton cloth.

Instructions 1: Remove fresh oil stains from the carpet

  • Iron
  • Remainder: see instructions 1
  • blotting paper
  • Remainder: see instructions 1

1. liquefy greasy stain

If the oil stain on the carpet is already older, it must be made liquid in order to be better removed.

The well-tried iron blotting paper method helps: Place a sheet blotting paper (alternatively also pulp paper) on the stain and iron it at the lowest level until the blotting paper (move in between!) No longer absorbs fat.

2. Absorb stain

Continue as described in manual 1!

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