Make Oktoberfest hairstyles yourself: Bauernzopf, Dutt, Fischgrätzopf and Gretchenzopf

Instructions for peasant braid, herringbone braid, bun, Dutch braid and Gretchenzopf

Make Oktoberfest hairstyles yourself: Bauernzopf, Dutt, Fischgrätzopf and Gretchenzopf: oktoberfest

It does not matter if it's a bun, a pawn or the snail shape: Braided hair is timelessly beautiful in women, Therefore, we show you how to do different Oktoberfest hairstyles yourself.

As diverse as that Designs of dirndls, so different are the hairstylesthe ladies are wearing them. Nevertheless, braids are the trend and make the female visitors sweet or playful Wiesn-Madl.

The Dutt is as much in demand as the popular Bauernzopf. But also the Fischgrätenzopf and the Dutch braid are suitable as chic Oktoberfest hairstyles, Even short hair can be stuck with the right hair jewelry to a chic hairstyle.

To the hairstyle on the To vote Dirndl, kYou can choose ribbons in the colors of the costume become. Even spangles or hair ties beautify the Oktoberfest hairstyle and give the braids a firmer hold.

Oktoberfest hairstyle in snail shape

In this Oktoberfest hairstyle, the hair on the side of the head are rolled up into snails. For this purpose, the hair is first braided into small braids, which then to small snails rolled up and fixed with clips become.

You should make sure that the braids are not tied too tight, as this looks stale and sturdy. Loosely bound and provided with colorful bows, but it looks great.

Bauernzopf lichen - French braid

The good, old peasant braid is one of the most popular Oktoberfest hairstyles: Everyone knows him, most love him, but only very few can weave him. That's it not that hard to make this braid yourself, Until the Wiesn classic sits, however, one or the other test round is required.

Video Tutorial: Bauernzopf lichen

Instructions for the Dutch braid

Make Oktoberfest hairstyles yourself: Bauernzopf, Dutt, Fischgrätzopf and Gretchenzopf: oktoberfest

Half a Dutch braid

The Dutch braid is a little more elaborate than the French braid and is especially suitable for longer hair, It can be worn classically in the middle of the back of the head or - as can be seen in the picture - on the side of the head.

In addition, it is available in a modified form as a half Dutch braid. The following Instructions shows step by step how to style these hairstyles for the Oktoberfest do it Yourself.

Make Gretchenzopf yourself

The Gretchenzopf, also called Milchmädchenzopf, is available in different variants and enjoys great popularity with the Oktoberfest hairstyles. In the variant for long hair you start approximately at the level of the ears and braids two long braids, These are placed around the head and fastened with clips.

For short hair, braiding starts right at the hairline. Here, the Gretchenzopf can be braided classic of three strands per braid or with several strands.

Making Oktoberfest hairstyles with herringbone braid yourself

The elaborate hairstyles include the herringbone braid. This can be braided with both medium and long hair. moreover It can be worn centrally or laterally on the head, With this video tutorial, you can do this hairstyle yourself and just need a hair tie to attach the plait end.

Tutorial for a central herringbone braid

Dutt make yourself

Make Oktoberfest hairstyles yourself: Bauernzopf, Dutt, Fischgrätzopf and Gretchenzopf: bauernzopf

A stuffy bun with a cushion of urine wrapped in a braid

The bun gives the outfit a noble look and is made quickly. The Tightly pulled back hair can be combined with other loose elements become. As a result, the Oktoberfest hairstyle looks cheekier.

In addition, can be at the Dutt Attach the braid with clips, with the braids over the head and pinned become. Another variation is the wrapped bun. Here you pin the bun and wrap it with a Braid, in turn, fixed with clasps becomes.

The classic bun is easy to imitate: First, tie a high ponytail and turn the hair towards the head. The solid Pin hair bun with hair clips over the hair elastic and with hair spray fix.

For a cheeky and loose bun, tie again a high-fitting ponytail. Then turn the drooping hair and put the braid around the hair tie. Plug in the the remaining hair on the rubber band and let out a part over the bun, To keep the bun, he is pinned with hairpins.

In addition one can one Dutt with a hair pillow make yourself, the hair bun more fullness gives. To do this, also tie a firm ponytail and pull it through the hairline, so that it rests on the head. Next, the hair is wrapped around and over the pillow to cover it up.

Tip: For the Dutt shown in the photo, push the end of the braid through the pillow and spread the hair so that it is completely covered. Stick knots and pillows with clips and the Oktoberfest hairstyle is ready.

Tips for short hairstyles for the Oktoberfest

Although a short haircut limits the possibilities as far as the choice of hairstyle is concerned, he can still be styled wisely. So lets yourself in short hair braid a gretchenzopfas the video tutorial above shows.

For hairstyles that require longer hair, there are hairpieces that fasten with a clipbecome T. In this way, for example, braids and ponytails up to the bun are possible.

If you do without hair extensions, decorates his hairstyle with fashionable accessories, such as flowers, decorated hair bands, elaborate clips or hats. For a successful effect you spray the hair or parts of them with a shine spray that attacks them less than conventional hair sprays.

Video Board: FLECHT FRISUR für das OKTOBERFEST #1 - Haar Tutorial - schnell die Haare flechten