Sand down old concrete floor

To rehabilitate an old concrete floor or to equip it with a new surface, the complete sanding is often the best preparation. If coarse debris or large bumps are present on the concrete floor, rough grinding by milling can help before sanding. Abrading concrete is a loud and dirty job.

Renovation sanding and leveling

For many old, polluted and uneven concrete floors, the only way to successfully rehabilitate is to sand down the surface. Adhesive residues from PVC, linoleum or carpets can be easily removed. The concrete surface gets again a "clean" concrete texture and can be polished to a shiny condition.

While the grinding of a new concrete floor for the most part has optical reasons, when grinding and possibly milling a removal is achieved, which can also lead to the compensation of unevenness and subsidence. When grinding, leveling distances between one and two millimeters are achieved.

Loud and dirty

Sanding a concrete floor, possibly with adhering chemical debris, is a very noisy and very dirty job. The grinding and milling machines used should have a built-in suction device. In addition, eye and respiratory protection should always be worn while working the floor.

The presence of other unprotected persons must be safely avoided. Cement dusts and particles of glue or floor coverings are very harmful to health. The noise requires after putting on a hearing protection. The planning of working hours must be adapted to the space in which the concrete floor is located. Statutory rest periods must be complied with and consultation with any neighbors or residents who may be affected avoids conflicts.

Abrasives and machinery

Grinding and milling machine for the concrete floor can be borrowed from hardware stores and professional machinery rental companies. The abrasives must be purchased. In most cases, diamond grinding wheels are required for a disc sander. For the corners and edges also a hand grinder must be borrowed. When purchasing abrasives, the same grain gradations must be selected for both machines.

Diamond grinding wheels are expensive and therefore should always be milled first on coarse concrete floors. Wear and clogging of the abrasives can be postponed by frequent removal of sanding dust.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about impregnating agents that can be introduced into the concrete floor between the grinding passes and save on subsequent sealing.

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